Consider this post on the housekeeping tip...

I am reigning in things a bit. The blog is one of several aspects of my life where I've sort of spiraled out and started chasing things that I don't need to. In the spirit of transparency, I've sought out lame ways to monetize this space, which is something I have no business doing. I started blogging so that I'd have an easy outlet for writing, which I still genuinely enjoy. I never put too many parameters around what I'd write about (hence, my embracing of the "lifestyle blog" genre), but I could/can feel a shift in trying to market my posts in a way that isn't genuine and it started to get my wheels turning about things I need to let lie.

I can get really consumed with stuff if I'm not careful, and after many years of keeping up a budget and trying to be more mindful about spending (yes, sometimes erring on the side of cheapskate), I allowed my pursuit of brand affiliation and site traffic to open a Pandora's Box of stuff. I don't even function well when surrounded by stuff, so it's an odd paradox that I can't explain...but I can control.

So, I am not shutting down this site (which was admittedly my overly dramatic knee-jerk reaction). I am, however, taking a step back and trying to simplify this space. I shut down my Twitter because I had nothing terribly important to contribute there, and I'm going to do the same with my blog's Facebook page. Unless I have original content to offer, it seems silly to have these going and feeling like one more thing to chase. I will continue to stay active with Instagram because I've really enjoyed that medium, so feel free to follow me there, and you can also sign up in the left pane to get my posts via email.

Without boxing in what this blog is or what it will become, I am at least taking a step back to return to my roots and focus on good content...whatever the topic. I may still cultivate affiliate relationships and dabble in OOTD posts (in all their awkward glory), but I'm going to relax on striving to make this blog something it isn't, to be something I'm not, and to leave the runway open for those who do far better than what I (half-heartedly) attempted.

And yes, this post is largely self-serving, a personal line in the sand of sorts. So thank you for bearing with me.

...As you were.

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