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When I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease (hypothyroidism), I learned pretty quickly that gluten and I were going to have to break up. Forever. (Forever ever.) While I still have a lot to learn in terms of living gluten-free, I was wholly unprepared to have to think about watching for gluten in anything other than my food. Turns out, it's everywhere. In everything. 

One of the areas my Integrative Medicine doc advised me to consider: my skin care. I had already been thinking about looking for more natural products given how close Asher spends to my skin 24/7 (and I'm not about to turn down those big, slobbery kisses right on my face). It was shocking to think about how gluten-laden products could be slowly delivering a steady stream of disruptive, inflammatory toxins into my body all day or all night, unbeknownst to me.

I hit up one of my favorite online resources to research potential brands/products to replace my current stash: EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. I was due for a new moisturizer anyway, so I started with that search, and one of the first items that popped up was the Hyaluronic Serum from Be Natural Organics. Not only was it EWG verified, which is a pretty big deal, but I had been considering a hyaluronic acid product to help my sad, tired mom skin. A visit to the BNO website and sample order later, I realized I had very quickly found the skin care line of my dreams!

Now let me remind y'all, I used to work for plastic surgeons and dermatologists. So when I say I'm picky about skin care, I'm PICKY. I'm also very cheap, though, so in absence of the insane discounts and free swag I used to receive while working in the industry, I typically have to sacrifice quality for price point. No mas! 

I love that you can order generous sample sizes or trial kits from Be Natural Organics and try something out before you buy full size (the Rose Hip Seed Cleanser you see pictured above is a sample), but even the full products are really affordable. And you guys....THEY WORK. I'm still old and tired, but my skin looks refreshed. Their Eye Repair Night Serum is honest to goodness the only eye product I've ever used and seen a dramatic difference. (Yes, even including those $150 itty bitty tubes of eye cream made with unicorn sweat.)

So you're intrigued now, right? Organic skin care...that works...that you can sample first...and it's affordable? I know! It get's better...

Be Natural Organics has graciously agreed to participate in a giveaway for my awesome readers! 

Enter below to win your very own full-size Hyaluronic Serum to refresh and restore your skin! Giveaway will run through Wednesday, May 24th, so get your entries in now. Winner will be selected at random and notified on Thursday, May 25th. US entries only.

You can also shop now and use code USEYOURWORDS to receive 20% off of the entire store!

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What's your current favorite toxin-free skin care product or line?

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