Stay-at-Home Style: Romper and a Sweater

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I am silly fortunate to be able to work from home on a part-time basis, which allows me plenty of time to still be near my little man. On days when I'm largely going to be playing on the floor with Ash, you can catch me in leggings and a white t-shirt, hair thrown up and out of the way of tiny, pinching fingers. But when I know I have errands to run or we're going to meet up with folks at some point, I like to try to look slightly less busted.  

One of my favorite outfits for stay-at-home days is a cute romper with a sweater. The beauty of a romper is that it's one simple piece, and moving into summer, they're effortlessly cool. This one from Tobi.com is super airy, and I love the gray and white combo. I'll grab one of my trusty cardigans to throw on top so that I'm comfortable whether we're grocery shopping or enjoying a shaded walk around the Fort Worth Zoo. (We got an annual pass and it has more than paid for itself with regular quick trips for our family walks!)

Accessory wise, I add some simple studs (because, again, pinchy fingers...I seriously don't know how moms wear fabulous dangly earrings with an infant) and my Goobie Baby teething necklace (which I've talked about here before). I love that it doesn't look like "baby jewelry," yet I don't have to worry if Asher starts gnawing on it (which he always does).

Another effortless aspect of this look: you can throw on a pair of cute sandals or booties to meet up with friends or enjoy a date with Baby Daddy, and you're good to go! When I'm home, however, I'm all about my well-worn fuzzy slippers, or my favorite flip flops if we're spending time outside. (Ash could probably spend all day outside and be one happy camper. I, on the other hand, can frequently be seen spastically swatting away at any variety of winged things. #graceful)

Romper: Tobi c/o // Cardigan: Target  // Necklace: Goobie Baby (On sale!) // Slippers: Target (similar) // Mug: Anthropologie

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