Easy Peasy Summer Dress and Sneakers

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When I learned that dresses with sneakers were in style, I was like, "Halleluyer!" Living in Texas, I have no qualms about bearing my incredibly pasty legs for all to see while keeping a steady rotation of summer dresses and skirts. It's just too hot for pants and caring, y'all. And while I could live in flip flops (my SoCal roots are showing), staying active with a seven-month-old (WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!?) requires proper footwear. 

As soon as I slipped this spaghetti-strapped gray dress from Tobi.com over my head, it was love. It's a light knit but the layers of the skirt give it a little weight, so I don't feel like it's going to blow up at any moment. (This is critically important when you're carrying a little one 80% of the day and have your hands full.)  The straps are adjustable, and it's really easy to feed Ash in this style of dress. 

My arms are a little Olan Mills in this one. This girl needs posing practice. And yes, I realize that reference totally dates me.

As usual, I never leave the house without a sweater, so I grabbed a bright cardi to lighten up the look against the charcoal hue of the dress. I've also styled this dress underneath a relaxed-fit v-neck tee tied at the waist, so it makes for a really cute skirt too. 

Simple accessories like my favorite watch and studs pair well with these low-profile Nikes. Practical yet polished. I'm all about it.

Dress: Tobi (On Sale!) c/o // Sweater: Target // Sneakers: Nike // Watch: The Horse

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