Teething Survival Tips and a GIVEAWAY! {CLOSED}

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I am not going to represent myself as an expert on teething babies. However, I am all up in the mix with a teething infant, so I wanted to share some love and simple advice come-lately with all you mamas and dadas out there.

It seemed that we hit a serious drool situation right at around two months, which based on research is very normal and coincides with when they start working with their mouth more and literally get more saliva going to that area. Makes sense. However, we went from dripping drool to chewing like a crazed puppy pretty quickly, so I wasn't entirely surprised when we discovered teeth in Asher's mouth at twenty weeks. (OK, that's a lie. I kinda gasped when I felt those sharp little suckers during bath time. And I may or may not have cried, thinking about the limited days of his sweet gummy smile.) It still took weeks--almost a month, actually--before they were really visible, but that didn't stop him from feeling the effects of this new, quite painful addition to his little body.

I read somewhere that if adults had to go through the pain that a baby does while teething, we'd go insane. And observing an infant, that makes total sense. Sometimes they look like they're just losing their mind with discomfort, so we as parents should to do everything we can to make this development easier to bear.

Tips for Supporting Your Teething Infant

  1. Let them chew. Especially if you're a germaphobe, you may hate the idea of them chewing on everything. And I mean everything...their toys, your hand, water bottles, the cat. The counter-pressure helps bring relief, much as holding pressure on a smashed finger can feel better. If you don't want them chewing on items that could harm them (because they don't discriminate), get them a handful of teething "toys" that they can regularly access. (You can see some of my favorite teething items below.)
  2. Snuggle them. Let them cry. Let them meltdown, and hold them so, so close. It's not their fault they feel and are acting miserable. They are miserable. So comfort your sweet baby and put everything else aside. They'll probably pass out from the meltdown here shortly, so just hold them for a little bit longer and cover them with love and encouragement.
  3. Opt for Zen. When they're in the throes of cutting a new tooth, don't over-schedule your day with playdates, family gatherings, or back-to-back errands. Make the time (because it won't magically appear...you have a child, after all) to remain in their familiar environment--your home--and let them get through it moment by moment, knowing that their beloved toys and people (i.e. Mommy) are right there to support them. Give them Epsom salt baths, fire up the diffuser with essential oils, and give them lots of soothing baby massage. (I know, my crunchy is showing.) But seriously, they need this comfort more than anything, and you won't distract a baby out of teething. Yes, read them their favorite book over and over (and over again), and keep their mouths busy with appropriate things to gum and slobber on, but shuffling to and fro is not going to benefit you or your little one.  

Goobie Baby's Audrey teething necklace and some bright, chewy blocks

My Favorite Teething Products

  • Banana Teether - This is one of those favorites that you see time and time again, but Asher really does seem to like it. And you can actually use it as a baby toothbrush to help them start to get comfortable with that process.
  • Copaiba Essential Oil - We are big on Young Living essential oils in our home, and feel completely comfortable using oils on and around Asher. I am not a fan of a lot of the teething medications and products offered over-the-counter, but we've found that Copaiba oil is really effective when used on inflamed gums and to provide support when our little guy is most uncomfortable. 
  • Silicone Teether - These are great to keep in the fridge because the coolness feels soothing on their poor little inflamed gums. (Of note, it's not recommended that you freeze teething products to give to babies.) The shape of the Nuby teether also encourages coordination and makes it easy for them to handle on their own. Fair warning: They may try to stick the whole "nuby" end in their mouth...and you may laugh at your own baby.
  • Teething Necklace - I ordered a simple, cute teething necklace from Goobie Baby on Amazon and it has been a huge hit. This is also a great solution to distract those tiny hands when they discover the joy of pinching while nursing. Teething bracelets are another option, but I find myself wearing the necklace all the time because it's so cute. 

Giveaway Time!!

Because I have nothing but love for other mamas and daddies who are supporting their little ones during this difficult phase of growing up, I have a fantastic giveaway to share with y'all! 

Goobie Baby has very generously agreed to provide one of their adorable teething necklaces AND a set of their reversible, waterproof drool bandana bib sets for one of my readers! We call this the "Teething Survival Kit," though we regret that we can't include the glass of wine that you may desperately need as you cope alongside your precious babe. 

Enter using the form below, and I will choose one winner for this awesome prize on April 8th, which just so happens to be Asher's 6 month birthday. (WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!?)

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Feel free to share and spread the word. Winner will be contacted on April 8th!


  1. I like to give my 15 month old frozen fruits .Not only does he love them but they soothe his inflamed gums it's a win win!

    1. That's great idea! Keeping that one in mind.

  2. With my daughter she loved a frozen wet rag to chew on.. Lol it worked great.

    1. They're like puppies sometimes, aren't they? LOL.

  3. Apply a cold spoon to the gums for a little relief.

    1. Hey, that's a great trick! I used to do that for puffy eyes after a long night. Haha.

  4. Teething rings worked great for us and frozen rags as well.. Thank you

    1. I've gotta try the rag trick. He definitely likes his teething ring.

  5. Teething ring that was in fridge

  6. Replies
    1. This is such a great recommendation...something everyone already has.