My Baby Essentials: 3 to 6 Months

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Life with Baby These Days

This period with Asher has been a lot of fun! We're past most of the meltdown-worthy moments, getting some decent sleep here and there, and seeing his sweet little personality come out, which ultimately makes it all worth it. We still have leaps and teething to contend with, so we have our days, but I feel like it's been a totally different experience once we got past the two month mark. (So hang in there, brand new mamas...you will make it!)

Infant Essentials: 3-6 Months

Our "essentials" are no doubt going to vary from some of the other lists you'll see out there, but these are the items that have really allowed us to incorporate Asher into our lives and get by as a family. 

Wearing Ash in my Wildbird 
I know I've talked a lot about babywearing already, and we're still going strong with that in our household. But as he grows and changes, we find that different carriers become more or less used. For example, I like using the Ergo these days because he's heavier and it's easier to get in and out of a soft-sided carrier than our Solly Wrap. However, I find the SSC a little bulky for wearing around the house, so I've recently been breaking in a new ring sling from Wildbird, which is much easier for quick ups and downs. I love having him close, and he naps amazingly when snuggled next to Mama's heart. Carriers also giving me the freedom to use my hands and get things done (like writing this post, in fact). There are so many options when it comes to babywearing, though, so I encourage any mamas to find your local BW group and try out different styles and price points for your little one. 

High Chair 
Asher seemed to be interested in our food since he was about 4 months old, but I wanted him to have breastmilk only for as long as possible. By 5.5 months, though, I realized it was time to start preparing for baby food. With our pediatrician's blessing, we busted out the Baby Brezza (which is another essential I'll share more about soon), and looked for a simple high chair. The Snug (mentioned below) can be used for feeding, but after seeing a hook-on chair while dining out recently, we decided to get something that would travel well and function at home. Eating with both hands again, FTW!

Infant Seat 
Playtime in the Snug
PIt took me a little bit to realize that Ash was ready to sit up...with some help. As of 3 months, he liked being propped up, "sitting" on the couch, but I didn't realize that baby chairs were even a thing. (Seriously, zero experience with babies before having one.) His chair has provided an age-appropriate place to hang out when he's not being held or worn, which was great since he no longer enjoys being in the his swing or Rock N Play. Keep in mind that they need to have decent head control before using a seat, so don't forsake that Tummy Time (even if you got a late start, like us).

We're a little past the pajamas-all-day period, but I still like him to be comfortable if we're home and doing lots of Tummy Time. (He's big on rolling from front to back, front to back, over and over, so constricting outfits are no bueno.) It's also starting to warm up already here in Texas, and we take regular walks to Central Market, Starbucks, or Chick-Fil-A to get some exercise and get out of the house, so we needed something light and airy since we usually wear him during those jaunts. (We keep his skin protected by carrying an umbrella.) The soft, short-sleeved rompers have been a huge hit for us, and I even love using them as PJs since he still sleeps with me. (Let's just leave that one alone for now.)

Sun Hat 
We get a kick out of hats in general for our little guy, but when we started taking our family walks more often, I realized how much we needed a good sun hat. It was also important that we found something with decent sun protection and coverage. (I'm thinking ahead to trips to the zoo or visiting family near the beach.)  

Our choice: iPlay Baby Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat (Toddler sizes, too!)

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