Mommy Must-Have: The Ember Mug

As a new mom, there are many trade-offs experienced on a daily basis. I often sacrifice getting chores done so that I can hold Asher as he sleeps. I postpone showers so that I can spend time catching up with my husband in the evenings. I eat less-than-elaborate meals so that I can use one arm to hold my 7-week-old little buddy. 

One of the more minor -- albeit very real -- sacrifices since Ash arrived? Drinking coffee while it's still hot. As though on command, the very moment that my delicious Decaf La Silva is done brewing, a fit of fusiness ensues or I get distracted. After warming up a single, sad mug of coffee four times, I basically give up.

That is, until now...

Meet Ember
My sweet husband jumped on an awesome new product that he saw on IndieGoGo, and it is currently my favorite Mommy Must-Have. 

It's called Ember. It may just look like a sleek travel mug, but it's much more. It's a fully interactive coffee mug that you can pair with your smartphone to set temp preferences by beverage, get notifications, and even give it a name.

The feature that won my heart? It maintains the temperature of your drink for up to two hours on-the-go (longer when kept on the charging base, as shown in the photo). And it actually does that, for real. Find the temp you prefer, set the dial on the bottom, and your coffee will be as warm after an impromptu feeding or meltdown as it was when you brewed it.

It was an exciting day when Ember finally arrived, as M placed the order a while back. But, not surprisingly, the campaign did really well. Even Starbucks got in on the action, which I can imagine was a game-changer for the innovative folks behind the mug.

It's not cheap, and Ember is currently backordered given its incredible popularity, but if you're looking for something special for a lovely mommy in your life (including yourself!), I'd order Ember in a hot second and get on that waiting list!

This is NOT a sponsored post. I'm just super excited when we discover great products and had to share with y'all!

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