Second & Third Trimester Favorites

Circa 2nd Trimester Bump
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Way back when, I shared my First Trimester Favorites. It's been almost five months to the day since that post, and I figured it's high time I share my second and third trimester favorites before Baby Boy makes his arrival. I'm combining second trimester and third trimester because let's be honest, I can't remember one week from the next, much less when these officially became clutch in my book.

Also, you get no cute Pinterest worthy graphic this time because 36 WEEKS PREGNANT.

This Little Girl's Late Pregnancy Must-Haves

Maternity Jeans

Even though I did splurge on a Maternity Stitch Fix earlier in the pregnancy, I otherwise decided that I would spend very little on clothes during this whole ordeal. I have a hard enough time shopping for clothes for myself when I'm in shape, so it was a no brainer to just stretch my wardrobe (literally) as much as possible. One thing I did buy and have zero regrets about is a pair of maternity denim with a full panel waist. I tried on several styles, and some just downright confused me. The ones with the little stretchy notch and button waist? Who are those fitting? Because, no. I did, amazingly enough, find a total winner at Old Navy. Their Full-Panel Skinny Jeans were perfect and have held up beautifully for my whole pregnancy. I wear them all the time, which you can't beat for under $40!

Sippy Cup (Ahem...Water Bottle with Straw)

We are no stranger to Hydro Flasks around our house, and I blame M. They're really awesome products and my 16-ouncer gets a ridiculous amount of play keeping my coffee hot on a daily basis (albeit still decaf these days...Hey, remember caffeine?). M surprised me with a 40-ounce Hydro Flask water bottle when we got our walking orders from the birth coach to drink 120+ ounces of water per day. It sounds like a lot, but once I added the straw top, I found that it wasn't difficult at all, especially given how cool water stays in these bad boys. This is a Mama Must-Have in my book.

Epsom Salt Baths

I am no stranger to epsom salt baths, especially when coupled with my beloved Young Living Essential Oils. However, they have taken on a new level of divine goodness the more preggers I get. Every time I sink into a warm tub, it's like a long-awaited hug and it's beyond wonderful. It was this very feeling that convinced me to labor and deliver in the water, assuming all continues to go well to allow that to happen.* Not only are these baths incredibly therapeutic, but the relaxation and temporary break from feeling so very heavy is heaven. Mamas, get you some QBT (Quality Bath Time). But bear in mind, you may need a spotter.

Husband-Coached Child Birth

I read a lot of books during my pregnancy, and most were really helpful, but one that stood out was Husband-Coached Child Birth by Dr. Robert Bradley. We read this one during the course of taking Bradley Method classes, which I honestly cannot rave about enough. The book can get borderline preachy, but the dude developed the method and wrote about it, so he's got a pass. If you're considering natural childbirth, I highly recommend taking a class locally (you can find them on the Bradley site). I wouldn't consider the book a replacement because I love the live interaction of a class and getting to hear the perspective of an instructor who has actually been through natural L&D, but it's a great supplement and provides additional detail that I found beneficial and helped M and I both feel really prepared for what lies ahead.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bars

Since part of being a good Bradley student means following Dr. Brewer's pregnancy diet for optimal nutrition, I had to do some serious work to up my protein intake. I'm a vegetarian and notoriously roll my eyes at the "How do you get your protein?" question, but getting up to 80 grams per day was no joke. I started eating fish a few years ago (so yes, technically I'm a lacto-ovo pescatarian, but how annoying does that sound?), so we eat a lot of salmon up in here, which has been a great source of protein and omegas. But when I started working in an office again and crazy life got the best of me, Quest Bars became my new BFF. My brother turned me on to them and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ones are my jam. 21 grams of protein per bar? Yes please, and thank you.

I've got more maternity/pre-natal posts up my sleeve as things crank down a bit in anticipation of Little Nugget's arrival, so be on the lookout for those. I can't believe we're just a little over 3 weeks away from his due date! So excited to share this next chapter with y'all...

*We were initially going to deliver in a hospital under midwife care, but decided a few months back that a birth center was more conducive to the L&D experience for which we were shooting. I'll probably elaborate on that more one of these days.

Want to see how our birth story went down? Read on.

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