Things With Which Writers Struggle...

First, this title. It's far more cute and blog-esque to call it, "Things Writers Struggle With." However, ending a sentence with a preposition is evil. So I have to reword it to be able to sleep at night, yet I'm sacrificing traffic because no one is going to actually Google "Things with which writers struggle," as they will likely search the bastardized version of said inquiry.

For the Love.

Y'all, I am in writing mode, and have been over the last few days. Day Job is in a bit of a holding pattern still, so I'm trying to take advantage of some less stressful days, and writing is the best way to do that (while simultaneously helping me avoid spending money). 

Speaking of which! PSA: Home Goods carries Aden + Anais baby crap. You're welcome.

While I've obviously picked up the pace on blogging a bit since I became pregnant (which I'm loving, by the way, whether you do or not), I am trying to also give due attention to my book. Yup, I'm writing a book. I started it a while ago and have been slowly chipping away in concentrated bursts of inspiration. (This should make for a suuuuper cohesive story and tone.) I don't really even know how to explain it without making it sound lame (oh, the irony of a writer who can't formulate the words to pitch her book), but it's essentially a collection of short stories about family, love, loss, etc.

And here's where I encounter my biggest struggle: I don't think anyone will want to read it. It's so hard to keep going and push through when you've already decided that no one in their right mind would want to hear about your family, that it's not nearly marketable enough to ever actually end up on the shelves, and that a diary would probably be a better ultimate resting place for these stories. And the dang thing isn't even finished yet. Shoot, it doesn't even have a title! The subtitle and chapter titles, I got. But main title? I got nothin'. (Again, with the promising outlook for a writer who can't find the words to name her book.)

I love reading stories about real people, real life, and I have the sincere hope that others do too. Otherwise, I'm writing a book for no one. And the most healthy thing would probably be for me to not care about the outcome, to write for the sake of writing, but I just can't. I care about these characters because they're my people. And I want everyone to know and love them because they're amazing and hilarious and brave. 

So, all that to say, writing is an actual discipline and a craft, and like all good things, it takes work. So I'm working on it. Line by line. And someday, maybe, it'll find a home.

And a title.

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