Nesting, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" style...

I have been hardcore nesting over the last few weeks. Most projects start out innocently enough, before morphing into a call for help and asking M to "real quick" move a piece of furniture or McGuyver something that I likely haven't fully thought through before tackling. (And he does it, amazingly, every time. Bless him, Lord.)

But lately, the projects seem to feed off of one another, to the point where entire weekends sail by with much productivity and many To Do list items crossed off...but not nearly enough rest and relaxation. (Mommy fail.) 

If Natty clears out the guest room to reorganize for baby, then she's going to need to Swiffer the hardwoods-sans-furniture two or three times.

And if she Swiffers the hardwoods, she'll notice the baseboards are dirty and need to touch those up with fresh paint.

If she paints the baseboards, she'll notice the walls also need touching up (including those in every other room of the house in the same paint color...because, why not).

If she touches up the paint, she'll notice that the ceiling fan needs cleaning.

And if she dusts the ceiling fan, she'll notice that the fan blades are disgusting and need to be removed and soaked in bleach. (Seriously, who does this?)

And so on for hours upon hours...

Truth. I also want a cookie after making a mess.

Note: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is a classic at this point, so I don't feel I need to explain this reference, but in case you are lost at this point, just order it. It's great times.

The good news? We've made great progress on transforming our home to welcome Baby Boy, while still having plenty of time to shop for deals and make better decisions (because we've thought ahead beyond just the next six months, which can be easy to solely focus in on). The crib is assembled and ready for bedding (and, you know, baby), the ginormous rug has been Scotchguarded to an inch of its life, my office has been relocated (to be closer to baby and give M an actual space in the house...four years later), and the daybed has been ordered for mommy naps, the occasional (brave) guests, and eventual slumber parties! Really exciting to see it all start to come together, and almost surreal to walk by and see a crib in our house.

I will now be taking bets on how long it takes before we find Scrappy in the crib...


  1. Good on you for starting a little earlier. My brain works a similar way so I've had the same train of to-do list items and it gets super overwhelming. I've also noticed that while my husband kept insisting we had "so much time left!!!!!" he also has turned this process into the only thing in pregnancy he can control and now has in turn planned on renovating 3 rooms instead of just the nursery. This also means you can't put the crib together etc. yet because we haven't painted, or installed new baseboards/molding or lighting etc etc. I have a sneaking suspicion there's going to be a handful of things not completed when baby's here. But as long as I have clothes, diapers etc. it will be fine, baby's going to be in our room for a little while anyway. :-)

    Good luck on your projects!

    1. LOL!That is so sweet. I know, we were in a holding pattern over the last few weeks waiting on the outcome of some other home reno stuff (not nearly as fun, storm related damage...yay, Texas) because it all has to sequence right or it's a bigger mess! You have a great attitude about it, though. Babies don't need all thus fuss...we do. ;) Good luck on yours, too!