My Maternity Stitch Fix

For those of you who don't already know, I'm a huge fan of Stitch Fix. I have received five regular "Fixes" in the past, and I usually end of keeping every piece. I learned early that strong communication (via your Style Profile, and notes to the Stylist when scheduling your Fix) and having an updated Pinterest style board goes a long way to getting pieces that you actually want and like. And don't forget to mention those little preferences too, such as "no Dry Clean Only pieces," "I need something for X occasion," or "I hate showing my pasty pale legs." They're usually great about considering all those details, and it saves having to hit up boutique after boutique to find fun, unique pieces. (I should probably explain for those of y'all who don't know, but I hate to clothes shop. Like, hates it. So a box of curated clothes and accessories delivered to my front door--free shipping both ways, Halleluyer--is a dream come true.)

My baby bump is getting to the size where my normal clothes are just not as comfortable, and bigger, non-maternity pieces make me feel like a potato. (I think everyone hits this wall at different points in their pregnancy, but apparently my magic number is 19.5 weeks. Potato.) While there are plenty of local stores that carry maternity clothes (Target, Gap, etc.), remember: I hate shopping. Shopping while potato? So bad, I can't even. Enter: Stitch Fix.

Note: You will not see me model this Fix. Perhaps next time, when I'm wearing makeup and feel less 'tater-like.

So here's the haul...
Prettiest package of my week...and I get a lot of packages via mail these days. (Online shopping, FTW!)

#1 - Loveappella Hartley Maternity Dress ($68) 
I really wanted to like this dress (because I asked for a maternity dress that I could dress up or down for upcoming Summer events), but I had a feeling it would be a tough fit. I did a bit of online stalking to see some other maternity Fits, and it seems this dress is a popular one for stylists to send. But no one ever seems to keep it, so I didn't have high hopes. I totally get why my stylist sent it, though, because I have a ton of striped dresses pinned to my style board. But the stripes and light fabric just weren't flattering, so it's going back.

{Verdict: RETURN}

#2 - Nine West Orlagh D'Orsay Flats ($89)
These are just fabulous, and I love me some good flats. But I have no need for shoes at the moment (especially when my feet are likely to swell in the coming months), save for some good sneakers to better support my back. I will say, however, that I'm super excited that SF carries shoes. This is relatively recent, so I have no doubt I will request some sassy kicks in the future.
{Verdict: RETURN}

#3 - Loveappella Lauretta Maternity Skirt ($54)
This skirt was really cute in theory, and I loved the print. But the fit wasn't working (perhaps the size was just off, but I am easily confused by maternity sizing, so hard to know for sure), and I'm much more apt to wear maxi skirts (remember: pale legs), so I'd rather save the budget for a piece I'm likely to wear on a regular basis.
{Verdict: RETURN}

#4 - Full Moon Isha Tie Neck Maternity Top ($54)
This top is exactly why I Stitch Fix. LOVES IT. I would probably never think to pick this up in a store, yet I've wanted a top like this for ages. It's a beautiful grayish olive color, and even though it has longer sleeves, the fabric is so light that I will likely be rocking this all throughout the year. (Friends IRL, I'm sorry in advance for wearing this top on the regular. One day, I will wear other things. One day.) It's a flowy A-line shape without making me look like a potato in a tent (you know what I'm talking about), and looks adorbs with my favorite capri jeans (which I just so happened to have scored from a past Fix)...although, my BeBand is working really hard these days, so it may be time for some panel pants. (Hawt.)
{Verdict: KEEP!}

#5 - Market & Spruce Sollas Maternity Top ($38)
This item totally fit the bill of a great everyday piece. The material is so soft (like all of the Market & Spruce tops that I've kept, which is at least 3 at this point), and I really like the color. It's a little big on me, but I like that I can still wear it now and grow into it. 
{Verdict: KEEP}

To recap, I kept 2 out of the 5 pieces, and all but one item in the shipment were great selections given my asks. (And I seriously don't fault them for sending those fabulous flats. Just not the right time.) Something I've learned with my Fixes, though, is that you have to do the math. I wasn't sure I would keep the Market & Spruce top, as much as I liked it, because I knew that I could find similar for a lower price point. However, once I calculated in a referral credit on my account, as well as the Styling Fee Credit (which is the $20 fee for each Fix, all of which gets applied to anything you keep, so you only "lose it" if you send everything back), which I technically received as a promo on this order thanks to a postcard in the mail (waiting a bit between orders apparently pays off), I got to keep the teal shirt for free! So don't forget to run the numbers. And because you get 25% off if you keep all 5 items, it's not uncommon that the discount amounts to a free item (or two) within the Fix. 

All in all, I'm pleased with my first Maternity Fix, and I can't wait to do another down the road in this pregnancy. I left detailed feedback when I checked out (you can chime in on every item, in detail), so I know the next one will be even better. And thanks to Stitch Fix, this potato didn't have to step foot in a dressing room!

If you're ready to sign up for a Fix, head on over the create your Style Profile! This is not a sponsored post, but I do receive a referral credit when you sign up and order a Fix using the link provided in this post. Ain't no shame in my game.

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