A Note of Encouragement to All the Mommies in the House

One of the hands-down sweetest compliments I've received as of announcing the we're expecting our Little Nugget is "You're going to be a great mom!" 

Now, part of me immediately rejects this precious assertion because the idea of raising a living, breathing human seems other-worldly. And honestly, I've already had many moments of feeling like I'm letting Little Dude down. (Too many donuts, too little spinach, too much loafing, too little cardio, etc.) 

But I suppose it's like any role we own in life, in that we always feel like we can do more, do better. As a daughter, I know I could've made my mama cry less and laugh more. As a wife, I know I could've uplifted more and nagged less. As an employee, I know I could've focused more and Pinterest'd less.  As a kitty mama, I know I could've smooshed less and played more.

But here's the thing: I like to think that the fact that we even worry about how we're doing, means we're doing OK. If we were totally crapping out, we probably wouldn't care to consider, "How can I better honor this role?" It wouldn't even occur to us to do so.

So mamas, I'm talking to all of you, I know that y'all worry like champs. It's part of the gig. You struggle with guilt, with stress, sometimes with downright depression, and you feel like you're failing at a dozen things at any given time. (Whether you actually are or not, doesn't matter in the slightest. Y'all don't celebrate nailing it when you do. And you do. More than you even know.) But you worry because you want to be awesome, you want your kiddos to be healthy, well-adjusted humans, and you want to lift your family up on a silver platter to enjoy everything to the max (even if you're hanging out down below, covered in mud and wearing sweatpants).

And you know what? You're nailing it. (Unless your child is currently chained to a tree in the backyard. Or your dog is. In either case, please seek help. Like, now. Intervention time, Hun.) Just for a second, please take a deep breath and believe that at any given moment, many women, men, and children see you, see what you're up to, and celebrate you as part of the Mommy Tribe. Because I don't care who you are, or what you've been through, we know that the role of mom is something special (because even if you haven't had that, you know how important she is, probably more than many). They're precious, they're warriors, and they give hugs like no other. Shiz hitting the fan? I want my mom. Always. 

So cheers to you, Mama Bird. You're loved. You're amazing. And you're nailing it.

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