Sleep When The Baby Sleeps...

So they say.

But here's the thing: I think this is true during pregnancy, too. 

Hear me out...

First, I have zero scientific evidence or backing for this. I am solely basing this assertion on my experience, which makes it super reliable.

Lately, I've had a hard time sleeping soundly. And I've read that this can be normal during pregnancy, but as wiped as I can feel after the most mundane tasks (like, say, grocery shopping, folding laundry, or making a sandwich), it seems so strange that sleep isn't a special kind of epic. But it's not. It's restless.

Last night, I was awoken by the sound of rain falling outside. But also, inside. Awesome. I discovered a fairly impressive leak in our kitchen ceiling, which formed a lovely mound out of our ceiling paint and created a funnel of sorts to deliver rain water all over our coffee bar. After quickly moving and wiping down the precious dark magic makers, I covered the area with towels and put our giant plastic hamper under the spot to catch the water so I could go back to sleep. Which I couldn't. (2am, you've never been crueler.)

And while this was obviously a distressing deal to begin with, I suspect that the main reason I couldn't get back to sleep (save for about 45-minutes around 5am) is because Little Nugget was wide awake in my bread basket. It's a total Mommy Hunch thing, because it's still a bit too early to feel him, but I just had this sense that we were not going to be sleeping any time soon. I've experience this, too, on nights when I wasn't pulled out of bed by wayward waterfall, and I think once he's up, I'm up.

The flip side? I think he enjoys napping while I'm working. When I'm seated at my desk and sipping my raspberry hot tea, he's snug as a bug in a rug, and he's out. I can just tell. (Again, weird mommy-sense. I'm telling ya.) But this isn't exactly the most ideal moment for me to tucker out given that, you know, work kinda needs to get done. And while I'm still adjusting to having an extra life on board, I can already anticipate that it won't be long before I'm summoned to eat something again, which will encourage me to get up, move around, and take Nugget on a little walk.

All this to say, pregnancy continues to be a surprise in so many ways, and it's fascinating to get to know this little dude as we hit 16 weeks together.

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