I got a Lob...and I don't know what to do with it

New Year, New Natty!

Well...ok, same Natty. Different haircut. Otherwise, a whole lotta business as usual.

Which, you know what, is great. 

Back to the haircut. I'm not a big my-hair-is-my-security-blanket kinda gal, and to be honest, it's been long most of my life due to one simple reason: I'm lazy. And cheap. (So, two reasons. Yay, counting.) I don't schedule regular cuts, opting instead to show up in the chair every six to eight months and ask for the impossible: a fabulous cut (and occasional gusts of color) that will look amazing now, and grow out flawlessly, as I will give it exactly zero attention for...you guessed it: six to eight months. 

So, the decision to opt for a "lob" was a pretty decent plunge. A lob, if you're unaware, is a long bob (get it?), typically angled toward the front. And if you look at most of the images dubbed "lob cuts," it's essentially medium-length hair, tousled. But it's all the rage, and I jumped right on that fabulous, disheveled bandwagon.

The kicker? I don't have a clue what to do with it. There are many styling tutorials out there, but they're apparently performed by wizards. I just can't. Sure, I could probably invest in some new tools and high-end products that could help me nail it, but...remember that whole cheap thing?

Case in point: I did decide to grab a new-to-me volumizing mousse for my roots, as well as some texture spray (since, apparently, texture spray is a key component of the Perfect Lob Wizardry). The mousse was great, but the texture spray...Y'all, I gotta put this on blast. (#PublicService)

This product is a lie. Just don't.

Not one to default back to tried-and-true hairspray when so many other shiny bottles vie for my attention, I grabbed a new one to play with today...

Great times.
I don't know how beach babe-y I feel yet (there's only so much one can ask of a hair product...said the pasty little girl in sweats), but I dig the smell (and taste...don't you judge me), and it gives some decent "grab" to the hair to actually accomplish a fun, carefree shape, which is the beauty of the cut to begin with. Also, it's under $10. (#LeCheap)

So, no pics of my head meat just yet. I still have some experimenting to do, but I'll keep y'all posted on this unexplored territory that I refer to as "Having an Actual Haircut."

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