Eco-Friendly, Non-Slip Rug Pads: Oft-Forgotten but Worth Every Penny

I have, in the last few years, finally come around to understanding that spending money on a good, quality rug makes a huge difference in defining and designing a space. When looking at Pins for inspiration, the presence of a great rug was a consistent element that caught my eye in rounding out a design. There are some great sites and stores to get spacious rugs at a decent price, and I'm really enjoying the benefits of budgeting for some floor decor.

That being said, after I've shelled out a hunny or so for a rug, the often-recommended rug pad is easily overlooked, generally with a well-intended "Maybe later!" What's funny about this response to me is how irritated I can get with a rug that never stays in place, or doesn't feel near a soft as it is stylish, and yet I don't ever actually circle back and pull the trigger on a pad. 

Y'all, I've learned (yet another) lesson.

I recently learned about an awesome US-based company called Rugpadusa.com, and in addition to manufacturing, packing, and shipping right here in good ol' 'Merica, they have a great selection of eco-friendly, non-slip pads at great prices. 

After doing some research, I learned about the harmful side effects of using cheap, chock-full-o-chemical pads, which was especially alarming to us as we absolutely cherish the original hardwood in our bungalow, which was built in 1930. The idea of permanently ruining that with a pad due to outgassing, reactive ingredients, or breakdown of the chemicals into the surface was not worth the perceived discount in price. 

If you've been tracking our kitchen renovation, you probably recall seeing a pretty new runner show up over the tile floor. The tile is hard and very difficult to keep clean (we didn't have it in the budget to rip it out and put in hardwood tile, but we've got our eye on that at some point down the road), so a runner seemed like a great way to cover that mess and make it more warm, anchoring the space with a cozy vibe. 

The Stephanie rug from Loloi was exactly the look we wanted, but...

Rug + Tile = Slippery Cursing

Enter: Super-Lock Natural Rug Pad. Not only does this grippy, mildew-resistant pad stand up to the high traffic it endures, but we were also able to get it in a custom size to accommodate the unique size of the runner we ordered. (It's easy enough to trim this guy if needed, but love that they give no flack to cut to order.) We added a couple of pieces of double-sided tape between the rug backing and the mat to minimize all slip, and it's been wonderful ever since. Doesn't budge a bit when I vacuum, which is often thanks to our furry son.

And speaking of kitten shenanigans, we also had a small rug by the front door that was constantly askew thanks to Scrappy's incessant "dancing," shall we call it. I opted for the plant oil-based Eco-Solid rug, since this area was directly on our stained hardwood. I really like the padding of the Eco-Solid, and we definitely enjoy having the best of both worlds since it's now more cushy, but still lays flat when the door opens.

Each pad on the site has tons of info, so it's really simple to choose the right option for your surface and needs. And I found Customer Service to be super helpful for any additional questions. As simple as it is to overlook, it's amazing what a difference it makes to have something like this to make your life easier, both now and when you decide to redecorate or move (as no one wants to discover at that point that a crappy pad has destroyed your flooring).

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