Under Construction

...Oh, that applies to so much more than this little blog.

Dear readers, I feel a stirring in my soul and a fire ignited within that is so exciting, and I can only pray to identify and resist whatever crap is thrown my way to try to quench that fire, which is the Holy Spirit on a mission through me. That being said, I am confident of the direction that I want to pursue with my writing. I want to inspire, I want to edify, I want to challenge, and I want to share--vulnerably, with fear and trembling*--my journey of seeking, searching, and serving Christ. I am so tired of trying to find some other identity in my written voice, especially through this blog. I get discouraged by a lack of traffic, by my cluttered layout/design, and my sad attempts at photography a la my trusty iPhone. But that doesn't mean I want to throw myself into being a better blogger. I want to be a better vessel for God. Period. Life manifesto, new battle cry, zest and zeal du jour, or swinging for the fence (as our pastor calls it)...whatever you want to call it, I don't want to pursue anything else. Will this wane? Probably. But that's on me. Christ is unquenchable and boundless.

So, I don't know what this here blog will look like in a week, month, year, etc. But I pray that it looks different than it does, and than it has. Some elements, I want to retain: frankness, proper grammar sprinkled with a few made-up words, the community, etc. But others, I will leave for someone else to do...and much better than me.

Here we go...

*Philippians 2:12

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