Favorite Essential Oils for Pre- and Post-Workout

Whether it's hours of yard work ahead or hitting the gym for a good sweat sesh, essential oils can make a huge difference in both your physical output and how quickly you can bounce back. I want to share with y'all some of my favorite Young Living Essential Oils for pre- and post-workout/activity...

Aroma Siez - We received this oil in a Promo a few months back, and I am so thankful it came into our lives! I love using it with muscle aches, and my go-to is a roll-on M made with a combo of Aroma Siez, Wintergreen, and V-6. I use this cocktail almost daily to balance my body from sitting at a desk all day, but I also use liberally right after a workout, targeting the muscle groups I worked that day.

Wintergreen - I am not a huge Peppermint* fan (though I have benefitted from the therapeutic effects of the oil more times that I care to count), so Hubs suggested we grab some wintergreen. This oil not only has analgesic properties (for after the burn), but is also supports respiratory functions (looking at you, cardio). I go nuts with this oil before I even put on my workout gear.

Joy* - This lovely blend makes a daily appearance as my perfume, but I add an extra drop to my chest (right over my heart) before heading to the gym or outside to work in the garden. It instantly boosts my mood, inspires confidence, and it makes me smell much better when I start sweating like a pig glowing.

Valor* - They don't call this stuff "an adjustment in a bottle" for nothing. My back frequently feels of out sorts (a weak core takes its toll on more than just pant size, yo), and I also have a lot of knee problems (thanks to over a decade of dancing during my formative years). I apply a drop of valor to my upper back/neck (on my spine), a drop to my lower back, and a drop under each knee cap to inspire confidence. 

Lemongrass - M read that this oil does more than just ward off feisty insects, so he recommended I incorporate it into my joint care routine. I've experienced a lot of benefit from applying lemongrass to the backs of both knees. It also help combat gym-bag funk. 

Lemon* - Too many benefits to mention, but this one pulls double duty for flavoring my water while also being a clutch ingredient when I cleanse, so I am all the more inspired to guzzle as much as I can before, during, and after my workout. I've also put a little of my lemon water on a towel to sanitize the weight machines at the gym.

PanAway* - If I really overdid it (which for me most commonly occurs when working in my own backyard, pulling weeds or landscaping), I reach for the PanAway. It has a tingly sensation, and helps me feel relief (one of the  main ingredients in this blend is wintergreen, by the way). In fact, when we first got our Everyday Oils, I had injured my back really, really badly the day before (like I had to shift in my chair about a thousand times during the EO class we attended), so this was actually the first oil I ever used. 

*Oils marked with an asterisk are included in the Everyday Oils Collection, FYI.

I'd love to hear what natural remedies you've used to help stay on track with your own active lives! Any favorites?

This is not a sponsored post, nor is the information in this post intended to provide medical advice or supersede information provided by a medical professional. Any information provided in this post pertains only to Young Living's therapeutic-grade essential oils. If you have any questions about Young Living Essential Oils, please don't hesitate to reach out via the Contact tab. To join my incredible group, you can sign up here.

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