Essential Oils...Essentials: My Must-Haves for Getting the Most Out of EOs

A little over 3 months ago, M and I started using Young Living Essential Oils, having been introduced to them via a class we were invited to by a gal from church (who has since become a good friend, a lovely perk of this oily deal). We've been absolutely amazed at how these oils have supported our lives!

While we were fortunate to be able to attend an in-depth class in-person before we got our oils--which isn't a prerequisite to using the oils, of course, but certainly helps from our experience--I found myself wishing there was a list of the essentials to accompany our Everyday Oils set. You know, those items that would take the "starter set" to another level and better equip you to respond to all the basics needs of your family. (These are basically the tools to have on hand to help you and your oil stash thrive.)

My must-have items for getting the most out of our Young Living Essential Oils:

1.) Diffuser - It's amazing that a few drops of oil and some water can make such a huge difference, but whether I've found myself in full blown meltdown mode due to work stress, or fighting back an epic headache, diffusing has been a game-changer. We fortunately received a fantastic diffuser in our Starter Kit, but Abundant Health also has some good ones that don't heat the oils and are safe for use with YL therapeutic grade oils. This is a great approach for freshening up your home and helping your kiddos stay well, too.

2.) Capsules - OK, let's be honest, some of the best oils are stanky.  (Valerian, I'm looking at you, dude.) And if you're using oils when you have a sour stomach or are just not right in the bread basket, the smell alone might make you want to hurl. Enter: veggie capsules. These empty capsules allow you to ingest the oils without tasting them (not all oils are recommended for ingestion, mind you), and can ease discomfort. We order the Size 0 caps from Abundant Health, but you can find these in local health food stores as well.

3.) Good Coconut Oil - Carrier oils (such as olive, jojoba, sesame, etc.) are important to have on hand for diluting  your oils for certain applications (especially with kiddos). But given the other benefits of coconut oil, that has been my go-to, and I love the way the texture works with the EOs. A carrier also helps yours oils go further, but given the quality of YL oils, it's important that you spring for organic, virgin coconut oil. (If you're wanting to make some roll-on blends of your own, I've heard great things about jojoba oil. Coconut oil is solid at room temp, so we actually use YL's V-6 complex, but again, quality is key with whatever carrier you choose.)

4.) E.O.P.R. - The Essential Oils Pocket Reference has been the single most important tool (well, tied for first with the incredible support and resources of the Baby Steps Team) for utilizing our oils on a regular basis, which ultimately saved us from being totally gung-ho for about a week and then fizzling out. This guide allows you to focus on specific oils and recommendations, as well as history, properties, etc. We also regularly reference the Vita Flex foot chart to better target where we want to apply oils on our feet...especially the stinky guys I mentioned before.

5.) Glass water bottle - We fell in love at first sip when we tried a drop of lemon EO in our water...and that was before we even heard all the benefits of ingesting lemon oil (or lime, orange, peppermint, etc.). But having a glass bottle is key to avoid the oils leeching the plastic into your water, which is sort of the opposite effect one hopes for when trying to detox. We tried a few before we finally found Lifefactory bottles, but now M and I rarely travel without our respective roadies.

Have you tried essential oils yet? If so, what are your must-haves?

This is not a sponsored post, nor is the information in this post intended to provide medical advice or supersede information provided by a medical professional. Any information provided in this post pertains only to Young Living's therapeutic-grade essential oils. If you have any questions about Young Living Essential Oils, I am a huge fan and super passionate about them, so please don't hesitate to reach out via the Contact tab or order here!

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