Mashed Potato and Chive Waffles

Savory waffles? Y'all, if you haven't tried them, you simply must!

We made these for brunch a while back while we were house sitting for M's parents (read: relishing an excuse to hunker down in a quiet home with a fireplace, dogs, and the kind of coziness that only mamas can bring to a space). The recipe seemed complex, but it ended up being very straightforward (and even quicker if you already have leftover mashed potatoes, which we actually prepared the night before) and accurate. (Joy the Baker never disappoints!)

Get the recipe here! (Give traffic where traffic is due, knowhatimean?)

We did make a few adjustments...

I didn't have buttermilk, nor did I want to buy that stinky shiz for just a 1/4 cup worth. I used a substitute of lemon juice and regular milk, and it worked just fine.

We also opted for a creamy goat cheese to top our waffles (which we kept warming in the toaster oven after they cooled on the rack, since our iron only makes two at a time and this recipe yields 8 waffles), and we preferred the tangy brightness of the goat cheese (compared to the cheddar, which we did try later). I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that is was almost like eating a sour cream-topped baked potato for breakfast... Nom, nom, nom. And they chives are key. Don't skip those.

We froze the leftovers, and they warmed up brilliantly in the toaster oven (think Eggo waffles...but amazingsauce). Next time I'd seriously considering doubling the recipe because they're SO good and freeze really well.


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  1. Oh, this looks absolutely scrumptious!!
    xo TJ