Finding a New Normal this holiday season...

When Mom was sick, we often used the phrase "New Normal" to help ourselves adjust to the changes that were happening. Things were changing for good, and we knew that (whether that's a blessing or curse, hard to say, but I tend to lean toward the former), so we had to remind ourselves that clinging to things of the past would only bring frustration and heartache, and would make pushing forward feel insurmountable. (Visions of full blown, grown woman hissy fits convinced us that we best put on our big girl panties and deal.)

This time of year, it can be tough to feel peace and joy if you're in the midst of settling in to your own New Normal. What I've found interesting is that each year, each new season and ebb and flow, brings its own newness on which to stand. And while looking back can bring sadness, for what's lost or what once was, I remember that this life isn't meant to be static, it isn't mean to coddle or comfort us. If we bank on that, we will have a really, really difficult time feeling like anything more than a buoy that is constantly at odds with the changing tides. There is stability, and there is a foundation that is unchanging...like, from the beginning.

Wherever this season finds your heart, be encouraged that you're not alone. Amidst the twinkling lights and gilded decor, you may feel lonely, sad, anxious, or worse, numb. Those feelings are real, but they're from your flesh. As hard as it is to slow down, do it. (And I am speaking to myself as much as anyone on this.) Step away, quiet yourself, and seek the Lord. Bring yourself to Him, in exactly the condition you're in right this moment, and lay it down. Let Him hold you, hear His promises, and stand on those. Let that Truth be your Steadfast Normal.

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