Holiday Decor Inspiration

Last year was our first Christmas in our new home, but a mere month out from our wedding and honeymoon, we were frankly a little short on energy (and funds) to decorate and make the place more festive. (We did get our tree up, of course, and loved having those twinkly lights warm up our den and provide a touch of magic when we cozied up in front of the TV. Even Scrappy got in on the action. I'm pretty sure he thought the tree was a gift for him.)

This year, we're more settled into our little yellow bungalow, and I am definitely looking forward to purchasing some new decor to jazz up a few key spaces for the season. Focusing on two or three areas will help me stay within a reasonable budget and really make those spaces feel special (versus trying to do too much all at once, which will inevitably mean storing bins for eleven months out of the year that house mostly junk because I went for quantity over quality).

{Den/Living Room look}
{Formal Living/Dining Room look}
{Front Porch}
These items will inspire some shopping, some crafting, and some repurposing to accomplish a look that compliments our overall home aesthetic, but still reminds us that it's that sweet season of family, friends, love, and lustre.
What's your decor approach this year for the holidays?

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  1. I have been loving mercury glass like the lantern you've shown here... I've been seeing it everywhere and it's beautiful! I plan on trying a few Pinterest crafts and incorporating them with items I already have from previous years. I just add a few new things each year to keep it fresh.

    xo Always, Abby