Favorite Fall Boots

As soon as the temp gauge drops below, oh, eighty-five degrees, I'm ready to bust out my trusty boots and layer it up! I've definitely learned over the years that good boots are worth the investment, having seen some of my favorites stick with me for at least half a decade, while others fizzle out after a single season (booooo).
I'm also realizing that, like any other element of a well-rounded wardrobe, variety and versatility is key in curating a decent collection of kicks. For years, I thought that all outfits would look fine with either brown shoes or black shoes...the end. But I have had so much more fun thinking outside the box and assembling looks inspired by the whole picture, head-to-toe, versus treating shoes as an afterthought.
Here are some of my favorite styles to mix it up this fall, featuring some staples and some sassies...
The Wedge Bootie
I adore these cuties paired with skinny jeans or boyfriends and some quirky socks (like brightly colored argyle), or laced atop opaque tights with a swingy skirt and cozy sweater. Heel height is always more tolerable when it's a wedge, and suede is especially yummy for this look.
The Rain Boot
Every time I traipse outside to check on our garden or try to coax Scrappy off the roof (he forgets how to climb back down the tree that got him up there every.single.time), I wish I had a cutie pair of rain boots. Not only are they (obviously) well suited for rainy conditions, but they're perfect for yard work and gardening, especially if your yard is also perpetually brimming with fire ants.

The Stylish Heel
Boots with a "look" are the coolest, and the details are the tipping point between simply covering your feet and getting noticed. Unexpected styling, like hardware, toe shape, or shaft design, can transform an otherwise low key outfit into a pulled-together ensemble.These also provide ample opportunity to mix styles and keep things interesting (think: t-shirt, pleated midi, messy full ponytail, and biker boots). 

The Equestrian Boot
One of my favorite looks that has stuck around for several autumns now is dresses/skirts with tights and riding boots. The juxtaposition is still fresh and keeps the look from being too fussy. (The hobbling around on sky-high heels look was never a good one. God bless you gals who can rock those inches with finesse!) I wear my riding boots pretty much all weekend and evenings after work. They replace my beloved Rainbows as soon as the weather cools.

The Ankle Boot
Booties can be very hit or miss for me, largely due to short legs and retired-ballerina calves. But the ankle boot is a great way to flirt with the trend without looking like I'm sporting hooves. (You know what I mean.) A chunky heel can provide some height without sacrificing mobility, and the shaft length is a stylish compliment to all those skinnies running around out there these days.
This season, I am going to invest in a good (i.e. real leather) pair of flat black boots. This is long overdue, and I've got my eye on these Franco Sarto lovelies while they're on sale.
What is your go-to boot for fall? Any new additions on your radar?
Thank you to OnlineShoes.com for sponsoring this post! The opinions reflected here are my own and I stand by my selections...even the kicky galoshes.

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