Friday Night Lights...Patio Style

Yes, yes, I know that Friday Night Lights is a reference to football. But this gal, not a huge fan of watching sports (unless you consider "Chopped" sports), so this Friday night, we are enjoying another kind of lights.

M and I finally got the tools we needed (i.e. a wicked tall ladder) to hang some string lights in our backyard, a project that we've been wanting to tackle since we moved into our bungalow. There is a small patio out back, perfect for our petite fire pit and a close group of friends, and it was practically begging for some enchanting lighting to set the mood. We strung clear orb lights from the roof to the top of our side fence, creating a lit awning over the patio as you exit the door from the kitchen to the backyard.They cast the perfect amount of light to play games and see companys' faces as we visit in our adirondack chairs, and we can't wait to also add some torches and lanterns to welcome many fall and winter evenings spent outdoors!

OPI Pamplona Purple // TOMS Harper Cordones Oxford
Cozy nights call for comfy duds, great coffee (or a cocktail), the most gorgeous blanket ever, and just a touch of citronella to keep the pests away. (Texas insects don't respect the correlation between Pumpkin Spice Latte's arrival and the need for all things summer to scram.)
Where will you cozy up this Friday night?
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  1. I love cozy nights in and comfy clothes!

  2. Looove the lace sweater. That's going on my wishlist asap.

    Happy Weekend! :)
    xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

  3. Such a cute casual outfit! I really like that lace top :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. Love how cozy-comfy this outfit is. I bet those outdoor lights look amazing!!

  5. Love this post, and I'm totally with you in the citronella thing! Florida bugs are the same way. :))