The Word, Noms, and Best Curls Ever

It's been a while since I've written a proper post (i.e. reflective and many, many paragraphs in length), but there are many things happening at the moment (mostly good, some not so much), so I will instead share a few things that have been making me happy dance as of late. I don't believe that any delight is too small to relish!

Confession: I have never been a Bible-reader. For the longest time, it was as though I was peering at another language when I flipped through the pages of my chocolate leather-bound Bible. I just couldn't get it. For a gal who easily made heads or tales of complex language, psych and sociology theory, this was frustrating. But persistence, prayer, and God's providence delivered, and in seeking Him during the quiet mornings, He opened my eyes, softened my heart, and now I can't get enough of this incredible book! I'm currently working through Hebrews, Exodus and Romans (we're going through the latter as a church and with our Home Group). I pray that this zeal continues as I seek Him and grow in The Word.

M came home from Central Market the other day after a "quick run to grab milk"--which for either of us is usually followed by several heaping bags of random noms and the admission, "I don't know what happened!"--and shared what he thought were some cream puffs. Upon biting into it, he said, "Huh." Good, huh? "Well, it's not sweet. It's salty." Give it to meeeeeeee! Oh, how I wish I didn't know these existed. The cream-puff-doppelganger was actually a pao de queijo. These delicious Brazilian treats are essentially puffed cheese breads. Hummina? You betcha. Eat them. 

Ever since the lovely Signe over at Signeroo shared the secrets to her gorgeous locks in response to the super lame bloggy-crush email I sent, I have been contemplating a hair wand. This tool isn't exactly new, but it's kinda my thing to be way behind the times, so it's only natural I was a little late to get on board. M treated me to a wand as we were out running errands following an especially challenging week, and I haven't used my creaking, way-past-its-prime curling iron since. The wand gives the exact curls I've always wanted (wavy and sassy, versus Toddlers and Tiaras), and allows for versatile style. Big ups to you, Sig, for steering me in the direction of curly goodness!

The sheer volume of iced coffee that I've been consuming as of late is bananas (in the good way or the bad way, depending on how you look at it). We use the cold brew method a la our french press, which is silly easy (especially when your hubs is a gifted barista and has enough coffee contraptions to open a small cafe...how rad would that be??), and absolutely delicious. We've also been spending as much time as we can at Buon Giorno, our favorite local coffee shop, and their large iced coffees are always our first choice, whether we're joining friends or just spending some time in the deep leather seats with our books.


  1. Looks fabulous! And those cream puffs are making my mouth water

  2. and what a great reflective post, love your blog!