{The Hi-Lo Vanity} Hairspray

Having worked in the aesthetic industry for ages (cosmetic surgery, medical spa, dermatology, modeling, blah blah blah), I am admittedly a product junkie. I was exposed to awesome, high-end goods for pennies, if not free. But as I exited the biz, so too did the perks of those gigs get left behind. And ever the pragmatist, there is just only so much I am willing to (and can) spend on creams, lotions and potions.

I'm still quite picky, though, so I am going to share with y'all some of my favorite products via a new series: "The Hi-Lo Vanity." Each post will feature two favorite products to try out at your dressing table (or medicine cabinet, or plastic bin caked in old makeup...we don't judge): the "lo" bargain buy (available at your local drug store or big box chain store) and the "hi" pricier buy (available at salons, specialty stores, or derm/med spa locations).
Today we talk...  
My hair is cray, y'all. It's thin and curly (but there's a lot of it), which is an interesting mix...especially in the south. I am fortunate, however, in that my hair will usually behave however I have it styled (blown-out straight or wild and curly). Hairspray is not something I can skimp on (mostly to avoid a Diana Ross 'fro, which this little girl cannot pull off...trust), but I am also past the days of news anchor hair (oh yes, there were those days). My selling points for a good hairspray are decent hold, low on the sticky/crispy factor, and doesn't smell like bug spray.
{Lo} TRESemme Tres Two Extra Firm Hairspray $5*
This is my go-to every day spray. You can layer it on for more hold, or spray on a quick once-over to defrizz and give shape to your style. Works great for keeping fly-aways at bay, and keeps perfectly-poufed ponies sleek.
{Hi} Tigi Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray $18*
When my last bottle ran out, I convinced myself that I would be fine without it. And then my bangs started growing out. If you usually maintain face-framing fringe, I swear by this spray. It's the difference between the perfect side swoop and "If you touch your bangs again during this conversation, we're no longer friends." There is more build up with this guy (versus the TRESemme), but it's so worth it (and nothing a quick bang bird bath can't fix. You know what I'm talking about...)
Your turn! What's your favorite hairspray? Is your longtime favorite a Hi or a Lo?
* Prices as of publish date per Ulta.com.
I am not being compensated for any of this, and I will always give heads up if any posts are sponsored, so this is legit opinion and nothing more.


  1. My word, I'm going to love this series!!

  2. I love the TRESemme Tres Two Extra Firm Hairspray and switch between that and Big Sexy or Rusk -- whatever the local TJ Maxx is currently carrying :)

  3. Sounds like we have similar hair, def need to try your recommendations!

  4. For those of us that don't have hair to tame and became the "I refuse to use hairspray" type, thus never understanding why I can't get Natalie hair? I use the Morrocan Oil hairspray.

    Incredibly gentle and flexbile ACTUAL hold, without all the sticky build up feel. Pricey, but since I'm the one bottle a year type, it's worth the cost annually. I would assume Suave Morrocan Oil products are very comparable, but I've only used the shampoo & conditioner.