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Back in the day, baby powder is all that was available to us to combat days-old hair. That's right: good ol' corn starch. Now, we have all kinds of options when it comes to fighting an oily scalp situation, without necessitating constant shampooing and restyling. (Sometimes, though, you just need a shower, m'kay?)

One of the keys to having good luck with dry shampoo? Use as directed. It sounds simple, but it makes all the difference. Be methodical in your application, or don't complain in the morning when you look George Washington-esque with your powdered 'do.

I like to use my finger to take sections of my hair (both from forehead-back, and ear-to-ear, making a basket pattern across my crown since I don't usually treat any lower than that unless it's a serious situation), spray a bit at the roots from the recommended distance, let it sit for a few moments once it's all sprayed, and then flip my head over and work it out with my fingers a bit. Volume-palooza, right? This product, whether you go hi or lo, is actually great for styling, even with perfectly clean hair.

This is a staple in our household. It's easy to find, priced affordably, and works quite nicely. The smell can feel like a lot (it's not bad, just potent), and I do notice that my scalp can feel a bit itchy after using it for several days (probably for realsies shampoo time, as I mentioned earlier), but it gets the job done. As with all dry shampoo, I definitely recommend applying at night. That gives is time to work it's magic and will reduce the appearance of powder by morning (assuming you followed directions and didn't go nuts). In a pinch, grab some regular baby powder and a big puff brush.
I only splurged on this a few times, but it was a treat every time that I did. It works well, didn't leave me itchy ever, and left very little residue. (Still, use at night and be methodical in application.) It looks like Oscar Blandi now has an invisible spray shampoo, so that might be worth taking a look at. When it comes to pricier dry shampoos, I feel confident in recommending Blandi. I tried the Bumble and Bumble hair powder that is brown, thinking it'd be a great way to avoid the white look all together, but it was a mess. (Perhaps operator error, but I ruined a bath mat and a few nightgowns before throwing it out.)
Your turn! Are you on the dry shampoo bandwagon? If so, what do you use?
* Price as of publish date per Ulta.com
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