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The price of haircare often makes me balk. (So, too, does the price of hair services. I understand well that it can be an art, but most peeps to whom I've shelled out $150+ are no Piacsso with the scissors or dye.) But, like skincare, I do think you get what you pay for. I have tried many drugstore shampoos and conditioners under $10 (ok, under $7) and have been left with a nearly-full bottle for ages because it was underwhelming...but I also don't like to waste. (To be in this head, let me tell you.)

That being said, conditioner may or may not be something about which you give a hoot. I color my hair every once in a blue moon and want to protect that investment, and I put it through the ringer with styling (read: taming), so I am quite picky on this front.

{Lo} Matrix Biolage Colorcaretherapie Conditioner $20*
Biolage has been my go-to (and was for my mom, as well) for probably a decade, at least. It's a salon-quality product for not a whole lot more expensive than anything I'd use from the drugstore. It smells good and seems to treat my hair right, so there you go. (If/when you see the liters on sale, grab them. Great savings and you'll use the whole thing.)
Oh, this stuff. I rue the day I ever used this stuff because it ruined me. Completely. My hair was ridiculous (in the good way) while using the Kerastase regimen. I was, however, given the products to use while employed for a salon that sold the high-end Loreal line. I couldn't rationalize buying it myself once I scraped the last, fleeting, sad goop of conditioner out of the tub. And my hair has never been the same since. Dramatic? Yes. But it's truf, y'all.
Your turn! Scrimp or spend on conditioner?
* Price as of publish date per Drugstore.com
** Price as of publish date per kerastase.com

I am not being compensated for any of this, and I will always give heads up if any posts are sponsored, so this is legit opinion and nothing more.

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  1. For real, conditioner is one product I will always spend the monies on. Otherwise my normally well-behaved curls go completely wonky. I've had to create a category in my budget specifically for "Hair Stuff" for this very reason.