In my estimation, a good morning and an early morning are opposing experiences. The best mornings generally involve sleeping until 10am, walking around the house for a while in my robe and slippers, hair amuck, and sipping cappuccino with M at our bistro table by the window. But this morning I had to be in the office by 6:30am for a presentation, and my opinion on the matter has been revised.

I used to regularly get in by 7am to start my workday, but as the work days dragged into the evening hours, it made more sense to start my day later, knowing I'd be on the grid until after hours anyway. Now, however, I realize that I've been missing the precious time before sunrise, the quiet stillness of a city before most have awaken.


It's God time. I don't know how else to put it. But that's what it is. Wrapped in peace and a sense of tender attentiveness to it all, my heart something fierce today. It's never about a meeting, or a deadline, or whatever we may think is driving our lives. It's Him. And I know He called to me this morning, to experience the dawn more often, to meet Him there for a cup of coffee and communion with the Most High God.

And I will take Him up on that invitation.


  1. I wasn't expecting that last paragraph, but I love it. You make a truly good case for getting up early!

  2. Love your blog and the faith aspect. I need to get up earlier and just be. It really is the best time. Great blog. I found it through birdie to be and plan to follow.