Precious Little Moments...

Every time I catch Scrappy sleeping with his furry little paw over his face (often), I just want to smoosh him. I'm so going to be one of those moms...

I treated myself to a mani-pedi earlier this week, and it was absolutely loverly. Ever since we got the house (over a year ago now, wow), I have easily given up a lot of non-essential spending so we can nest and still enjoy going out to dinner, etc., but I was blessed with a writing opportunity and decided to splurge. (You can read the published article here.) 

The last few days I've had to commute into the Dallas area for a company retreat (not the kind a retreat spent in a spa robe with champagne, mind you), and while the drive could have started off the morning pretty sour (construction in DFW is bananas), it was hard to do anything other than worship with a view like this.

M's dad very sweetly passed along some Rangers tickets to us for last night's game, and we were positively spoiled by valet parking up by the ballpark, as well as the killer view from the first baseline. And the nachos and beer. All good things.

OPI's Berries in the Canaries makes me quite happy and is exactly what I wanted when I picked out the bottle for my mani. Awesome color for both work and play. My favorite Portland mug agrees. 

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  1. Sleeping kittens are just the cutest thing. Yawning kittens are the scariest things though.