Where Feet May Fail

I feel like I am drowning, y'all. I won't belabor a full post with the details, but I'm feeling a bit run over and overwhelmed. I am keenly aware that we are not supposed to be comfortable in this life, that this isn't the Paradise we are promised. I have been so insanely blessed and experience so much joy, but sometimes the waves of disappointment and weariness feel like too much to bear.

Thankfully, I don't have to bear it. Not really. My God already did. And every day that I can get through, impossible as it may seem, I can bring glory to Him, knowing He will sustain me. I wish I could say that I experience such storms with grace, but that is hardly true. I'm a mess. I again see my sinful, selfish heart, and fall to my knees wondering how He can love me as much as He does. But He does, indeed. Having M by my side to wipe the tears and tenderly support my meltdowns is daily proof of such love.

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Tonight Hillsong United is in DFW, and we're so thankful to be going with a group of friends. I am sure there will be many, many tears (like, ugly cry), and I know my heart will be overflowing with joy. It's perfect timing. I shouldn't be surprised.

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