Summer is for Porch Sittin'

I tell ya, there's nothing like ninety-degree days with one hundred and fifteen percent humidity to inspire you take it easy. (Oh, how I do heart the south.) Frizzy hair and mounds of mosquito bites aside, there is something quite lovely about the onset of summer. 

I sat on the front porch yesterday evening, basking in the last moments of sunlight casting ribbons of shadows across the lawn, while the wind made the tall boughs of our pecan tree dance about and hum a comforting, peaceful sound that calls to mind the ebb and flow of the Pacific. Scrappy curled up by my side, softly meowing for a chin scratch, and the sound of M strumming one of my favorite Ray LaMontagne songs from the den harmonized perfectly with the wind's symphony. 

Pottery Barn via Parkdale Ave.

Yes, summer can be straight up brutal in Texas, and I'm prone to a short fuse as the temperature climbs, but these early moments of the season's arrival are worth savoring...preferably with an iced tea in hand.

Stay cool, y'all!

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  1. Girl, it's like there in Charlotte, NC too. The heat is in full effect. Luckily our front porch has a fan! ha!