Indoor Succulents: This Dummy's Answer to Bringing Home the Green

You'd think I'd be pretty exhausted content keeping up with the maintenance that our front and back yards require to thrive. (The previous homeowner had quite a green thumb and left for us a really beautiful landscape with lots of garden areas to play with, which, you know, for first-time homeowners seemed positively charming. And then we moved in.) And while we do so enjoy getting the green areas in shape (thankfully M is into maintaining the lawn, so I focus on the plants and garden areas), I find myself constantly wanting more plants: on the front porch (still kicking myself for buying only one urn and hydrangea plant while they were on sale; symmetry, Nat, symmetry!), for the back near the fire pit and adirondacks, and throughout the house.

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I've never been one to keep a lot of plants indoors (because, well, who wants a perpetually suffering eyesore taunting you as you ogle flawlessly styled homes on HGTV?), but I've seen some really lovely succulent gardens lately, which seem to do well in homes. We saw some awesome aged wooden boxes in Garden Ridge months ago that I mentally bookmarked for a project, and I think they may be the perfect vessel for some echeveria or chick and hens. If all goes well there, I'll graduate to a real live indoor plant, one with tall leaves and everything!

I am still exercising the ol' green thumb, so there have admittedly been a few casualties learning experiences along the way. (R.I.P. fragrant white stock. You didn't like the shade, you didn't like the sun, you didn't like diffused light. You were...well, you were a diva.) But most of our new additions are doing really well. All of the hosta varieties we added in the back garden filled in the gaps perfectly (from chucking the bushy randoms that were killing the vibe), and our bell pepper plants are silly happy. (No more paying $4 for organic red bells, thank you very much!) So there's hope yet, it seems. 

What is your favorite indoor greenery?

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  1. I have a few succulents around the house and love them. They're actually planted in antique bowls - it adds a nice like touch.