Around the House...

I've been neglecting many things lately. Namely among them: this blog, my health, time with loved ones, good sleep, proper exfoliation...

Anywhoodle. We have, however, been giving a ton of attention to our home, and as tired as I am (and in desperate need of some exercise, sleep and a manicure), I'm so excited for the way things are slowly coming together. We've been blessed with a home, with land! And we want to be good stewards.

Just a few quick updates...

We spent this past weekend planting some lovely hostas in our garden. We had the good fortune of landing a home with a beautifully landscaped back yard, and making it our own has been such a rewarding process for me (and a learning experience, as well). We had some holes in the gardens where past plantings didn't thrive...and/or they got cray big and we're terribly attractive. Enter: hostas.

I'd love to tell you that is our garden, but...well..that would be a lie. We're not there yet. But I can't wait for our new shade-loving friends to spread out and class up the joint!

We've also been tackling what is, admittedly, a very ambitious DIY project for our den. I'm typically of the "just buy it and call it a day" mentality, but with a never ending list of "needs," we decided to get creative and repurpose an older bookshelf to match our transitioning decor. I once populated my humble abode with primarily Ikea furniture, but as we move to a Pottery Barn-meets-cottage vibe, the stoic black behemoth just wasn't working. However, a bookshelf isn't exactly a piece we wanted to put a lot of money into. Enter: Pinterest. Ugh. That site. "Ooooo. I can totally do that!" No, no you can't. Or you can, you just may find yourself curled up on the floor mid-way through, covered in craft glue and wondering why you're so perplexed by a drill bit. (They really should show this lovely stage in those handy, dandy DIY tutorials.)

We're pretty close to having it done, though, and I promise to share pictures. In the meantime, here's the before...

It's OK, I'll say it. "Wow, there's a lot going on there, yo. Oh, and 1997 called; it wants it's DVD stand back. P.S. Hi, Asian Kitty."

More to come soon!

{Updated: To see the final result of the Bookshelf Makeover DIY, visit this post!}

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