Taking a Number & Practicing My New Signature

I have to be honest: I was dreading the name-change process. The fact that there are services that you can pay to handle all that made me all the more nervous, and I felt sure I'd end up crying in at least one public place with Post-Its flying everywhere and a half dozen papercuts.


So, Type A nerd that I am, I gathered my forms, filled them out in black pen with perfect printing (tongue out to the side and all), highlighted the directions per the corresponding agency website so I had the appropriate documents in tow, and mapped out my way to the scary big buildings downtown.

And...it was super easy. I think I waited at the DPS office (that's southern talk for DMV, y'all) for all of five minutes, and I wasn't at the Social Security office for more than ten minutes total. I took a number and waited my turn, bracing for a long wait given the number of people in the waiting areas, but I could barely set down all my stuff and check my email for the umpteenth time that day before I was called. The lady at DPS even said, "May God bless your marriage." (Now, I'm pretty sure that was a bit risky to say as a state employee, but I nearly jumped over that germ-ridden counter to hug her.)

Anywho, I just had to share this refreshing experience, and how remarkably human were the individuals I came into contact with during the whole process. I'm used to automation and apathy these days (I'm looking at you, Post Office), so it's such a treat to actually interact with folks and watch them go above and beyond to walk me through everything. Because, let's face it, it's a special person who will take the few extra moments before the dreaded driver's license pic to let you check your bangs and ensure you don't have fifth-grade-picture-day cowlick going on.


  1. Okay, so I seriously just cried and laughed out loud:p Precious and priceless! Thanks for sharing, sis:) So grateful to have you in our family!

  2. Glad to hear it's not nearly as scary as it seems. Happy holidays :)

  3. hey natalie! that is so awesome that you know her :D and thanks for sharing that insight about her. i really appreciate it doll. happy 2013 to you and your new family. hope all is well. i miss your posts.