Primping for Fall

As if preparing for a wedding isn't reason enough, I find that the autumn months inspire a whole different beauty regimen to compliment the season. I had good intentions to start getting myself into tip top shape (physically, aesthetically, mentally, etc.) for our Big Day, but life happened. Truth be told, the grounding has actually be a blessing as I'm not stressing too much about the little things because, well, I can't. I know it'll be a beautiful day because M will be there, and by the end of the evening, I'll be his Mrs.!
That being said, I think every gal wants to feel like a pretty, pretty princess on that special day. I'm no exception, y'all. So in preparation, I am paying a little extra attention to my routine...

'Tis the season of fragrant, spiced warm coffee beverages! With all that extra coffee and hot tea drinking that is bound to happen over the next month, I must revisit a dear ol' friend: Crest 3D White Strips. I've had custom whitening trays in the past, but I honestly think these easily-accessible strips works just as well. Whitening may seem like a goofy thing to pay attention to, but it drives me bonkers to be out and about and all of the sudden notice that my teeth are looking less than pearly white. Especially for all those wedding day pics. And this little girl has some substantial chompers (think Chicklets placed in a tiny head...)!

Another reason I pay so much attention to my teeth during the cooler months is that I tend to opt for a darker hair color when the seasons turn chilly. My hair is naturally pretty dark (my eyebrows don't lie, y'all), bit it can be a fine balance to rock dark tresses with fair skin. To accomplish that whole Snow White look, the keys for me are: shiny, healthy hair (Natural Instincts makes an awesome product that is essentially clear hair color that just gives a kiss of shine minus serious color...I leave that to the pros), clear skin and pink cheeks, and a white smile. Particularly when coupled with a white dress (no spoiler alert there, that kinda comes with the territory for most brides), the contrasts can be quite lovely and very fall fabulous.

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  1. I believe in whitening to Natalie! I don't know why I thought you had the wedding already. LOL I'm trying to get ready for Fall also girl. Love all of the beverages and yummy baked goods.