Put Your Paws in the Ayer

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Let me just tell y'all about Soft Paws...

(Yes, I am writing an entire post about kitty claw covers.)

(No, I am not getting compensated a thing for this post.)

(Yes, I realize that makes it far worse.)

When our fuzzy son Scrappy made his way into our lives, we found ourselves making many changes to accommodate our unexpected addition. It was all worth it, though, to know that we saved his sweet little life.

But then the terrible kitten phase kicked into full gear. Our spray bottle wasn't doing the trick (thank you, bum spray bottle, for your sad little spit of water), and we found ourselves constantly claping, stomping and yelling whenever Scrap decided to go to town on our fabric furniture (i.e. all of our furniture). Super effective, as I'm sure you can imagine. (<-- sarcasm)

We briefly considered declawing, but after researching it some more, it was very apparent that would not be an option we'd consider further. I thought it was along the lines of a really good nail clipping, but in reality it involves removing bone within the paw. We like our furniture (and, you know, skin), but there's no way we'd go there. I understand that some do, but we just couldn't get behind it.

So now what? Adjust to furniture covered in foil and carry a (properly functioning) spray bottle 24/7, and/or keep the cat corralled all day where there is no good furniture or delicate surfaces to be found? Boo.

Enter: Soft Paws. These things looked ridiculous and I honestly though it would be the silliest waste of $19 ever. But I was wrong. It took some team work to get Scrap's nails trimmed down and slip on the plastic nail covers, but M and I got it done in a matter of minutes. (We did the nail trimming and cover application in two different sessions so as not to inspire total hatred. And, of course, rewarding with treats afterward was a must.) I ordered them in clear because the idea of him walking around with colored nails was just too much, but they're actually quite precious on his little paws and I'm not sure he won't have to endure some sassiness at one point.

I thought he'd hate them. More precisely, I was sure we'd come home from the movie to find the nail covers chewed off, our furniture in shambles, and the cat rolling around in an angry tizzy in our box of invites. But after a few licks at them once we let him relax from the post-application, uber-distracting play and snack sesh, he was fine and carrying on as usual.

If you're a kitty mama or daddy, definitely consider these bad boys. I highly recommend!

Update: It has been over a year since I posted this, and I have to say, keeping Scrap's claws was a great decision. He still gets a little sassy every now and again and scratches underneath the sofa, but we didn't have to keep Soft Paws on him past the young kitten phase, and now we feel comfortable with him being indoor-outdoor. He loves to climb trees and can protect himself from other animals in the neighborhood, neither of which would be as feasible sans claws. Just hunker down and get through the kitten phase, and all will be well. And your furry baby will thank you! {11/7/2013}


  1. HaHa Natalie!!! One of my friends that's a cat lover uses these. She feels the same way about you. I think the maker of these should get the Nobel Peace Prize. Hope all is well with you girl and so glad you found something everyone can live with. Have a great weekend!

    1. Haha! Heck yeah, I second that Nobel nomination! ;) Hope you're well too and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I have heard about these but never actually bought them. How often do you have to change them? We have 2 kitties that don't scratch often but often enough that it affects the furniture! Glad to hear you liked them. And I personally am happy you did an entire post on kitty claw covers :)

    1. I was totally skeptical but I didn't know what else to try. Haha. They supposedly last 4-6 weeks. A vet developed them, so if they end up eating them or something, everything is safe. :)

  3. This is adorable! I used to have a cat, and I think she would have really enjoyed something like this.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. this is great. congrats on your choice to do this for your kitten instead of declawing- that just doesn't seem fair or right to me!

    Maybe get some lime green ones next time?! :)

  5. Baahahahahaha! I love this post. You are super cute, Nat!

  6. I wish these would have worked for my cat, however he would just chew them off and ruin his claws to an extent that was beyond ridiculous!