Total Recall, a Sweet Frock & First Day Jitters

Let the bloggy randomness commence...

M and I carved out some time this weekend to go to the movie, which was such a nice treat in the midst of housework and meetings with wedding vendors. (All of which is coming right along, by the way.) We saw Total Recall, which I recommend. I am a huge fan of films, books, short stories, etc. with dystopic futuristic themes, so I am fairly certain that anything derived from a Philip K. Dick source will be interesting (or at least entertaining) in my book. I didn't see the original film, but I've heard that the latest version diverges quite a bit from the first, so there will still be plenty to keep you interested. We enjoyed the cast and visuals very much.

I've been slowly and selectively acquiring my wedding accoutrement, and while I will wait to share those details after the big day, I had to gush about the lovely dress I recently ordered from Ruche. As I've mentioned before, I tend to be a terrible shopper because I have an idea of what I want in my head, but don't know if it actually exists (and/or don't want to pay more than $40 for it, even if I find it). This lace number captured the soft, romantic, youthful vibe I was hoping for while looking for a dress to have on hand for photos or showers. To sweeten the deal, it was on sale. Woop! It's lovely in person and I can't wait to style it up!

via Ruche

It's the first day of school for many across DFW. Something about this day just makes me pine for childhood. Remember how epic the first day was? New backpack, fresh crayons (the big ones you had to use your whole little hand to color with), secured pony, and just enough butterflies so that your cinnamon toast breakfast never quite settles. (Not that that stopped little Natty from nomming the peanut butter and Saltines snack just after morning activity, nor from doing a happy dance when realizing that my beloved My Little Pony Thermos contained Spaghetti-Os, still warm from the stove that morning. Our Mom...awesome.) I remember feeling comforted as I passed my brother in the halls. Hardly ever did we acknowledge each other in school (we were just a grade apart), but I loved knowing that he was nearby. I couldn't wait to see which desk would be mine for the year, and I was especially excited if we had the desks with the lift-up lids. You could see all your stuff at once, organized and in rainbow order! (Very important to a Type A second grader.) The year ahead held so much unknown and so much promise, all at once.

I hope that all of your kiddos have a wonderful first day, and that you parents have some fun recalling such memories when you scoop them up at the end of the day today. Hug them extra tight; it was a big day, y'all.

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