The Proof is in the Pooch

I know better. I know. I can feel it. And yet, if you place a platter of cheese and bread in front of mug, I sure will eat the whole thing. I know that regret will follow, and that eating said spread will do nothing but exacerbate the ever-more-snug waistline issue, but it's so good when it hits your lips!

Food (and our relationship with it) is hardly what it used to be, and we have an uphill climb given all the crap that is done to make bad food taste oh-so-delicious. But I know that tastebuds can be reacclimated and better habits adopted. And consider the joy of knowing that you're actually fueling your body with nutrients, not just shutting up the growl or entertaining yourself.

One of my biggest pitfalls? Not planning ahead. I let meal preparation get away from me, and sometimes it even starts while grocery shopping, when I'm too distracted (or cold, or hot, or gotta pee, or worried about the mounting bill, or managed to pick a cart that squeals like a banshee) to focus on planning actual meals. I'm kind of a snack shopper, y'all. Like, I should be given prizes in my snack-stocking skills. But actual, cohesive meals? Epic fail. (It doesn't help that my go-to meals are not unlike those of a four-year-old: mac 'n cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and cheese and crackers.)

Oh, lovely bounty. Where you at, lunch box?

Last night I threw together my classic Natty Pasta, which calls for ingredients that I almost always have on hand: wheat pasta, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, fresh parmesan and spinach. It was so nice to finally break in our new range properly (it's a beaut, y'all), and the meal was definitely yummy. But I probably should have stopped about 1/3 of the way through, or at least nommed on a healthy salad before faceplanting into a bowl o' carbs. (I think I was straight up carb drunk after our meal. That's a thing.) Still nursing a stretched tummy and carb hangover (also a thing, trust), I opted for organic Greek yogurt topped with sliced organic strawberries for breakfast this morning. Guess which meal made me feel better? No duh.

How is this connection so hard to recall when it comes nom time? I guess the same could be asked for any unhealthy behavior: drinking too much, spending time in the company of boneheads, wearing five inch heels, etc. I'm sure one's memory is vastly improved when healthy, positive practices are the norm and therefore considered the "right" way to feel...versus bloated and greasy while on a carb high. I suppose like most behavioral adjustments, long-lasting change begins with discipline and eventually becomes habit.

Ugh. Bring on the discipline and detox...


  1. Girl, you always have a way of posting something that's speaking directly to me. I forsee a week of juicing in my near future... That is after I return from Portland. I cannot deprive myself of a vegan maple bacon donut, now can I? Discipline comes with work and emotion is the enemy. XO.

  2. You are literally speaking directly to me with this post. I have such a love/hate relationship with food. My problem isn't preparation.. I do well in that area.. for the week days that is. Weekends are my downfall. I swear I just let all willpower and inhibitions go out the window come Friday. And then I'm so mad at myself on Monday. I need to do as you're saying and start making small changes and hopefully it'll just become habit. Thanks for the reminder and for knowing we're all in this 'food fight' together!

  3. Reason 482 I love your writing....I hear you talking the entire time. So Natty and so entertaining! I'm not buying a juicer tomorrow, but my lack of healthy habits of late does directly relate to my waistline. Dag nab it!

  4. Firstly that plate of grilled vegetables looks amazing, is it wrong to be craving it for breakfast!! ;) And I couldn't agree more about making healthy life style choices, it's something that I've been working towards over the last year and it absolutely it's gets easier. Lastly, planning ahead, what a great tip... those are absolutely the moments when things can go the wrong way!! xo veronika

  5. I agree, it can be difficult at times and sometimes I don't even want to cook a healthy meal, but in the end it is the best choice.