How Do They Do It?!

Do any of y'all look through your blog roll sometimes and think, 'How...how do they do it?' How do these bloggers afford the incredible pieces they rock on a daily basis? What do they do for a living that they can dress so fashion-forward? How many times during the week do they re-paint their nails? Where are those editorial-worthy locations and who is shooting their photos?


How do they juggle children, marriage, throw fabulous soirees and maintain a successful Etsy shop full of elegant creations? Does sleep happen? Is there raffia and hot glue everywhere? How did they learn how to refinish furniture and reupholster yard sale finds to look like a million bucks? Is there a class for that? And where are these insanely awesome yard sales offering such diamonds in the rough?? I want to go to there.

I am not trying to measure up, nor do I pose these questions out of jealously. It genuinely boggles my mind to think of the creativity and time management that some possess. One of the reasons I blog and so enjoy participating in this community is because of the readily-available inspiration that knocks me on my rear as I scroll through my reader. The fashion, the crafts, the interior design projects, the well-written prose, the photos...so much goodness!

My enjoyment of the occassional "down to Earth" posts by some of the more popular bloggers I follow is largely due to the insight gained into their lives as real people, often learning of struggles, challenges and pressures felt. While a small, shameful part of me thinks, 'Phew, OK, they're normal and just as much of a hot mess as I am,' it also makes me appreciate all the more the efforts made and obstacles overcome to maintain a sense of order and beauty in their online presence. That's no small task and can be so easily abandoned.

Cheers to you lovely bloggers, who inspire so many with your words, photos, ideas and creative offerings, all while navigating your daily walks, whatever that many entail...be it a booming career, a family and homestead, or holding down the fort in your very own way!


  1. yes, yes, and yes. I think these same things ALL of the time! I especially think it when I'm scrolling through Instagram and someone is enjoying a nice afternoon lunch on a cute patio somewhere. What do these people do for work that allows them to take these afternoon jaunts in fantastic places? It does, indeed, boggle my mind.

  2. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. I constantly wonder how other bloggers afford the things the have and do... and how they have the time to do those things!

  3. Yes! We have a blog friend that is back in school getting a degree in Biology, has two children (one who was born in June) and a hubby in the military who I think is on deployment and she blogs just about every day. How does she do it? She's awesome!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. I know, how do they do it?
    I too enjoy so many blogs that live extravagant lives and those that don't..the blogging world really is amazing.
    (Glad I found you...first time here.)

  5. I wonder this too...how do people do it? Blogging is my creative outlet. It takes time and effort. I appreciate all those bloggers who entertain and teach me on a daily basis....cheers muchly!

  6. I actually think this often! It amazes me how much time and money is put into some blogs, and even more amazed if they are mothers! I am a fly by the seat of my pants type of girl! I am thankful for the inspiration and always am careful not to compare. We each have the choice to make beautiful lives in our own way. And you are right! I love when bloggers are real-its so refreshing and always is the most encouraging to me.
    You are so good with words, and I love visiting your blog for the genuine voice you have! x

  7. yes, I do wonder how they do it! it seems as though there is a fine line between that perfect balance and pure & utter chaos!

  8. ditto! i often wonder too......but dont forget some of them are blogging to spread the word about their business and for some blogging is a full time job..they are earning their livelihood or a part of it at least through their blogs......so they have to out their best out there....