Creativity: Career Potential or Just for Hobbies?

I consider myself to be pretty evenly balanced between the left brain and the right brain. My left-brain indulgences typically include: tackling a crafty project, writing a new blog post, or doing a design layout of some sort. (I'm having way too much fun snagging pics of great furniture and home decor to brainstorm the layout of our wee living/dining room, which necessitates some outside-the-box thinking. This probably explains why I haven't posted a Friday's Fancies post in ages. So many design ideas, so little time!)

I've also noticed that I retreat to creative pursuits when I am experiencing some pretty heavy life stuff. For example, when Mom was sick, I spent a ton of time editing my demo reels and redesigning my industry site. And now, while trying to balance fixing up and moving into a new home with planning a wedding (merely three months away, eep!), putting together interior looks and crafting the wedding site have been great outlets and quite therapeutic, really.


I've considered over the years pursuing careers (or at least more consistent outlets) that are in the artistic realm, and M has been very encouraging in my desire to transition into an inspired field that allows me to flourish and indulge on a regular basis. (He is quite creative himself, which has been such a lovely quality to share and encourage in each other.) What that will look like, position-wise, I have no idea. I've been praying on it and will be strive to be patient in the meantime, confident that the Lord knows my heart and my strengths and will reveal that path in time.

However, I can't help but recall the struggle I felt during my first few years at college. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity (and the means) to attend Pratt Institute, an art school in Brooklyn, NY. I studied Writing for Publication, Performance and Media within the walls of its beautiful gothic buildings, often wondering how in the world a SoCal girl who was denied a spot on her high school's newspaper staff could be so blessed to call this her college experience. Two years later, I was packing for a move back. Don't get me wrong: the experience and education (both structured and otherwise) were amazing. But I found myself coming up short on the creative front as I pushed my imagination to deliver what would hopefully become my meal ticket: consistent pieces of writing that could amount to a legit career in...something. (Dreams of being a playwright in the twenty-first century don't get you far, y'all.)

If and when you can manage to make your artistic side the breadwinner in your life, it is still a creative endeavor...really? When you make what you love the very thing that makes you a living, can you still relish the exercise for your imagination and get lost in the poetry of facilitating creation with your own hands?

I sure hope so...


  1. Do it...especially if you have your other half encouraging you. It's the perfect time and should it not work out and you don't find the creative flow you desire, you are still young enough to get back into the hum drum business world. You can do anything you put your mind to Natalie and now is the time to let that mind run wild!

  2. Ditto!!! Kendralyn hit the nail on the head! Go Natty, go Natty, go!!!! Love you!

  3. Do it! It's definitely still a creative endeavor, though the admin and business side of things can take up a lot of time. Overall, it's worth it, though. Especially if you're someone who needs that creative outlet in order to feel balanced and fulfilled.

  4. I enjoyed your post - food for thought and it's so true that to love what you do for a living is wonderful. I admire people who take the plunge and turn a hobby into a fulfilling career.

  5. Congrats on the engagement! Hope all is well, I just nominated you for the Liebster Award

    Hope you'll join in the fun it's good for the soul :)