A New Addition

Well, hello there, friends. It has been far too long. I'm knee-deep in planning our wedding for November and we just had the blessing of signing on our first home, so my attention has been elsewhere while taking care of bi'ness.

This has been such a blessed season, but one that can also quickly spiral into anxiousness and full blown stress. Mitigating that has been challenging and I find that I'm not handling things as gracefully as I should, knowing that these little things are not outside of the Lord's sovereignty. It's bizarre how much easier it can be for me to hand over the big things, but hold tightly to and micromanage the smaller things. It reflects a lack of faith and ends up making that experience more difficult than it needs to be. I pray that one day I'll truly learn and exercise genuine faith before reaching full tilt hissy fit status. 

Another change in my world: we welcomed a new family member. Shortly after returning from our Pacific Northwest trip, we found a sad, beat up little kitten on my patio. He was attacked by another animal, so when I say he was a hot mess, that is no joke. We couldn't find anyone to take him because he was so sick, and by that point we had seen enough to know his sweet spirit and fall totally in love. Long story short, we are now the proud parents of a fuzzy son, Scrappy. His name isn't as fitting now that he's beautiful and healthy, but he still earns the moniker with his attitude. (He's a trip, y'all.)

It seems like just yesterday he was tiny and meek...

And though he is now super playful, adventurous and sassy, he is still a total cuddle bug and likes being right in the middle of M and I. He sleeps in the crook of my neck (only because I wouldn't allow him to sleep on my actual face) and purrs until he passes out. And homeboy loves his n.a.p blanket.

The rescue experience has been an amazing one and this little guy has taught me so much. It has been so neat to go through this experience with M. Seeing his compassion and dedication, as well as his protective side when a certain naughty feline wants to pull out Mama's hair while she sleeps, has made the process even sweeter.

I imagine my posts will continue to be sporadic, y'all, so apologies for being MIA. I have so much I want to share and gush about, but I'm trying to maintain balance and be present for the day-to-day, too.

Hope y'all are well!


  1. I am so excited for you Natalie. A November wedding should be beautiful, especially since you are a Fall Girl at heart! xoxo

  2. Oh what a sweet, sweet kitty! That first pic just melts my heart. I have 2 cats at home and they truly bring so much joy to our lives. My hubby was not a huge cat person when we started dating but he is madly in love with them now and it means so much to me. Happy wedding planning too! Such a fun time but you're right.. it can be quite stressful. Glad to see you back posting and will look forward to your next one!


  3. He is *adorable* - I am such a sucker for orange tabbies!