Lessons Learned: Wedding Planning


~ By and large, everything to do with a wedding costs at least $300. There are exceptions, of course, but spending much less will likely require hot glue, eleventy-thousand visits to the craft store, and less-than-bridal fingernails.

~ Choosing bridesmaids dresses from a department store is a bad idea unless you have everyone's sizes and order them the second you see that they're available. Dept. stores just don't keep stock like traditional bridal retailers, so you may end up in a pickle.

~ TheKnot.com is just a bad idea. It's insta-stress and will make you feel like you're about three years behind on planning the second you log on. Pretty photos, yes. But, whoa, holy task-apalooza!

~ Having an RSVP option available on your website before sending invites is not the best idea ever. Create some confusion, it may.

~ Registering is way fun-slash-dangerous. Taking a deep breath and reviewing one's registry after coming off the complimentary cappuccino high is probably a good idea. (Everyone says that now is the time to request all the fancy crap you've always wanted; meanwhile, it's hard not to feel a little cray for zapping a gravy boat that costs $130.) (But seriously, it's gorgeous.)

~ Burlap is a special kind of stinky. But oh, the texture.

~ 3 months in normal time = plenty. 3 months in wedding time = OMG, you don't have a photographer yet???!!??  Aaaaand, cue nail biting. (Again, not so bridal.)

~ Our friends and family are amazing. (This isn't new to me, but seeing how everyone has stepped up and gone so far above and beyond to  make this time more precious for us has been...just...no words. No tears in the office. Talk amongst yourselves...)

To be continued...


  1. It's funny that this post just popped up because I was just at lunch with two girls who are planning weddings, and they were discussing how stressful (and expensive) it is! I'm sure it will all turn out beautifully for you. Best of luck with the rest of your planning! :)

  2. Yeeaah...we're going to activate that handy RSVP page AFTER we send the invites, and password protect it. :)