DIY Recipe Box

Remember that time I wrote an entire post about recipe cards? Good times. Well, I continued my search for a recipe box, but couldn't find anything that just sent me over the moon. When it comes to shopping, I'm notorious for hatching an idea of what I want in my head, with no clue whether or not that item or style actually exists, and will settle for nothing less. (Sometimes that leads to a major find, while other times I search endlessly for something of very little importance. Time well spent? Not usually.) And then it dawned on me: I have two capable hands.

And so crafty commenced. I gathered a few supplies to create a recipe box to my liking:

~ Pre-fab wooden box
~ Screwdriver (to remove hardware from the box)
~ Craft paints
~ 1-inch paint brush
~ Detail artist's brush

I had a few paints and brushes leftover from previous projects (custom light switch plates in college, holla!), but I picked up a bottle of Martha Stewart Craft paint in Root Beer Float for the base color and an unfinished wooden box from the craft store.

To get started, remove the hardware from the wooden box. If you're not completely lazy, I'd recommend using spackle or wood filler to correct the holes from the hardware. But if you're like me, just squeeze out some paint and go to town!

I painted three coats of Root Beer Float on the box, letting it dry for at least 30 minutes between coats. I let the whole thing (including the bottom of the box) dry completely before proceeding to the next steps. (Waited approximately an hour and a half and it was totally dry.)

I actually planned to just leave the box plain, but I couldn't resist a chance to hone my artist skills and add a little customization. Since I heart my cutie Rifle Paper Co. recipe cards so much, I used their design as inspiration. I freehanded the design, but you can easily sketch it out with pencil first and simply paint over it.

After giving the whole box another hour to dry, I nested the cards inside the box and felt quite pleased with the outcome. (Granted, I wish I had taken the inner measurements of the box into account when selecting my piece, since the cards are actually a little bigger than the dimensions of the box. But they stay in place at a slight bend, and it even helps out with holding a card in view while I cook. Happy accident!)

Hearty Veggie Stew recipe

Total cost: $6
Sense of accomplishment: Priceless

Have you crafted anything fun lately? Do tell!

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  1. Well look at you, Miss Crafty! This is such a good idea. All of my recipe cards are floating around the kitchen and are COMPLETELY unorganized. I could really use a recipe box in my life. I just may use this little DIY and make one :)

    xoxo, me

  2. Oh how adorable! I simply love it. Happy Friday!