Day by Day

I feel like it has been a little quiet over in my neck of the woods lately. Please know that I am keeping up with reading your lovely posts, but I'm also trying to keep my head above water now that work has picked up (and will continue to do so for the next few months, at least).

I have also joined M in a juice fast. He has inspired me so much and been such a trooper during the week has already made it through. I just started on Saturday, and, y'all, it's rough. I'm detoxing like a mo-fo and realizing just how addicted to food I am. I am committed to doing it for a week (which seems lame compared to M's three-week goal), but I'm definitely taking it one moment at a time.

We have been using his Breville juicer (the model from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead), and I have been very pleasantly surprised at how yummy some of our fruit and veggie concoctions have been. (This morning's beverage, on the other hand, was NOT delicious. Grapefruit, you win this round. Oy.) I know that I'll feel better once I make it over the detox hump, and while this has been challenging, my tummy has felt great and I don't miss being food drunk after every meal. (Moderation escapes me at times.)

So I may be kind of quiet as we get through this week, but I know this weekend will be a sweet celebration, first and foremost as we celebrate the good news of the resurrection!

In the meantime, I'd tackle a puppy for this...


No joke.


  1. Oh girl... Will keep you in my prayers this week. Meanwhile, I will continue to stuff my face and run myself into a puddle of sweat everday to make up for my poor decision making when it comes to beverages, snacks and meals. But you can do it! You are going to feel so amazing! :)

  2. That's awesome Natalie! I juice, but still eat a meal. HAHAHA You are going to feel so much better. Sorry about the workload. Hang in there girl. ((HUG))

  3. Thanks so much, Kim! Yeah, I can definitely see myself doing this long-term as a supplement to meals because I do feel great (once I got over the hump) and my body seems to appreciate it. :)

  4. So weird.. I did my first juice feast right around the time you did and blogged about it as well. I did it for 5 days and girl, it was rough! Glad I did it though.. was rewarding to make it though. Love your blog! Following you now :) If you get some time, check out my DIY Mother's Day gift idea!