A Sunday Kind of Love

{Mushy post! You've been warned...}

M and I attended a cooking class last night at one of our favorite local eateries, Spiral Diner. They were sharing their awesome vegan breakfast recipes that make meat-eaters and veggies alike say, "Hummina." (Their tofu scramble is like a party in your mouth.) We had so much fun, taking notes together and imagining yummy mix-ins and occassions for trying our new recipes. The rain was falling outside, our bellies were full, and my heart was in full-blown pitter-patter mode.


This was one of many moments that make me cherish what I have with my mister. It's a special relationship, indeed, when you can be completely yourself and have an absolute blast no matter what you're doing. Some share this kind of bond with girlfriends, siblings, cousins, pets. These relationships are incredible blessings, being surrounded by so much love and such extraordinary people. To look my handsome man in the eye and know that he is my best friend...let's just say I think I owe God some cupcakes.



  1. That is really nice Natalie! You two are so connected. That's important. I love that you're cooking together and doing things TOGETHER. So many couples do separate things. I feel it's important to have at least one hobby that CONNECTS you. Have a great day!

  2. It may sound crazy but I had a few of these moments last night with Timmy & Rilynn. All Timmy wanted to do was watch the new Footloose (He's a little singer/dancer wanna-be) and Rilynn wanted to cuddle. So me and my 2 little bugs in a rug, snuggled on the couch and my heart was full of love!
    Don't know whether I'll ever find my other half but in the mean time...they are all I need!

  3. Just the right kind of mushiness :) Such a heartwarming post. It's rare to find that special someone whom you can share everything with.

  4. I totally believe it! Kids are wonderful that way and really know how to make you feel like a million bucks. :)