Recipe Cards

I've been acquiring recipes over the last few years without a real plan for how to organize them; thus, I have a hot mess going on in the cookbook/recipe department. There are sauce-splattered print outs and note paper with messily scrawled directions stuffed into my various cookbooks, and I find myself constantly rifling through this mess looking for a specific dish, only to realize I found the recipe online and never bookmarked/printed/copied it. Fail.

When M and I popped into Anthro last Friday*, I finally took home the Rifle Paper Co. recipe cards that I've been eyeing for a while:

Available here.

I can't wait to transfer my messy notes and print-outs onto these lovely cards. The design is so pretty and the lines will come in most handy. I'm thinking blue ink, fine point pen. (You're thinking, 'Nerd.')

Now the hunt begins for a recipe box in which to house them. Because I overthink everything (it took me six months to finally purchase the dadgum cards...for $14), this could take a while. But I'm leaning toward a wooden one. Wood is classic, timeless, and neutral (decor-wise) so it should still work when I find myself cooking in a home with a proper kitchen that doesn't have razorblades petrified into the sprayed on pattern countertop. (True story.)

There's a lovely matching recipe box from Rifle Paper Co....

Available here.

Hand-crafted and made from salvaged hardwood, y'all! But I'm not about to spend over a hunny on a box. (A beautiful, antique-worthy, perfect-for-my-life box.) If I did get cray and/or suddenly rich, I might consider this fancy, as well...

Available here.

You had me a gold embossed wood and letterpress. It's so clean and sleek. (Which, true, has no place in a kitchen unless one welcomes a full-fledged meltdown the first time some wayward sauce splatters the pristine contents. Perish the thought.)

I think this number may be just right...

Available here.

Affordable, simple styling, lid notch to hold recipes while cooking, and eco-friendly materials. All good things.

Is there a method to your madness when it comes to organizing recipes? Are you a recipe box, recipe binder, or e-recipe kinda cook?
*We also visited the Apple Store and Best Buy during this outing, so we went to "boy stores" as well.

Funny enough, Kyla is blogging about this same topic over at her blog, Kyla Roma. Check out her candid pics and the feedback from her readers about their organization methods.


  1. I love those cards! I've been looking at some of their other paper goods and just want everything.

    When it comes to recipes, I have some in a spiral notebook (not classy) but I've also posted a lot on my blog so I tend to just go there when I need to refer to something. It's like my personal e-cookbook!

  2. I've definitely been wanting that Rifle Co. Recipe box with the notecards, SO cute!!!!

  3. Agreed! Maybe some day I can swing the recipe box.

  4. Umm so you're adorable. I love that you blogged about recipe cards and a coordinating box. That sounds like a lovely project I would like to think I could begin but I know myself oh too well.


  5. LOL! You know, little things make me happy and I just gotta blog it out sometimes. :)

  6. I need to do the same thing, because these little index cards are not cutting it. hahaha Great idea Nat!