Nose in a book...once again

I love reading. I really do. (Ah, to be past the age when that statement would get your pigtails pulled...not that that stopped me from professing my adoration for the written word. Oh, little Natty.)

I typically opt for non-fiction, particularly Christian non-fiction as of late. But as the buzz of it's theatrical release swelled, The Hunger Games landed smack dab on my radar and I was intrigued. (They had me at dystopic, really.) I'm always years behind on everything (cell phones, iCrap, Arcade Fire, etc.), so it shouldn't be surprising that I'm just now getting on the bandwagon. But, y'all, I'm hooked.


M gave me the book as a gift a few weeks ago, but I delayed a bit on starting it, knowing how voraciously I consume good fiction and assuming it to be so. (And I was correct.) I'm over half way done, and seeing as I have a free evening at home while my honey is hard at work, I've got a hot date with my book, a blankie, and a cup of tea. (Wild woman, I am.)

It's hard to avoid the commentary and images circulating all over the place about the movie, but I really don't mind it. I mean, I like to be surprised and cook up my own images of the characters, but the film teasers may also temper the stabbiness I'm prone to feeling when a beloved book is visually translated in a manner that doesn't do justice. (And really, they rarely do. It's tough for obdurate reality--or even virtual reality, for that matter--to compete with the imagination.) And I thankfully haven't encountered any content/storyline teasers yet, which is all the more reason to plow through quickly. (And because it's just. so. good.) I can't wait to finish it so M and I can venture out to the theaters with the masses and settle in for the games.

Have y'all made the journey to Panem? What'd you think?


  1. I haven't seen Hunger Games yet. Probably sometime this week. I've heard really good reviews so far. And of course somethings varied from the book. haha This looks like a really good book Natalie. I'm definitely going to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion. Have a great week.

  2. I love you for so many reasons. Today it's that your words actually MAKE me want to curl up with a good book AND how many words in this blog I had to look up in the dictionary :)

  3. Loved the books. Loved the movie. They, of course, didn't do the book justice, but they tried. They really did. And, in my opinion, the book is so incredibly visual. It played like a movie in my head, so I was excited to see the millions of dollars translation. We shall discuss over coffee. Soon.