Need. More. Coffee.

I'm back from Vegas, y'all! I had the best intentions of blogging while out there, but the conference was way more time consuming than expected. All in all, we had a nice time. I am pretty much just a warm body today here at work. (I'm still not exactly sure why I had to report to the office after an already 40-hour work week as of yesterday, but whateves. I'm here. Kinda.)

Some highlights...

The Palazzo was gorgeous and I quickly fell in love with the proper vanity in the bathroom. I felt like a movie star. A movie star who schleps a roller laptop bag and juggles two cell phones. But still.
Pretty view of the strip and the desert mountains from my 36th floor room. It was really lovely at night, but I'm not so good with the night photography. (Or day, really.)
This is me working. Woop woop for a 7am web-ex demo during a demanding conference. Thank goodness for Coffee Bean in the lobby of the hotel. They saw me in PJs more time than strangers ever should. I'll send flowers.
There was a lot of food. We actually didn't see the light of day from Monday to Thursday, but we at least explored the fine dining establishments of the Venetian and Palazzo. This lovely is from Batali's OTTO Enoteca in the Venetian.
Other nom highlights: Asian salad and Mac-n-cheese Nom Noms at i love burgers; chef-inspired vegetarian linguine at Pinot Brasserie (probably my fave); Green Bean tempura and avocado rolls at Sushi Samba; and lots of merlot and iced coffee mixed in there for good measure.

After a refreshing beer at the airport, many antibacterial wipes, and sitting on the tarmac through two maintenance tweaks to our plane (for sure thought we were going down in a hot blaze), I made it home. All I wanted was my own bed and some clean and fresh. To my delight, I opened my door to a spotless, yummy smelling apartment thanks to my wonderful man. So thankful to be home, and looking forward to lots of relaxing this weekend.

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  1. I went to Vegas last year and stayed at The Venetian. LOVED their bathrooms. Glad you had a great room and amenities. I loved looking at the mountains from my room. They are HUGE! LOL at the pajamas comment.