You're invited...

Given the ability to teleport and a space in which to host, I would throw a marvelous soiree for us to celebrate together all the lovely winter babies' birthdays during these first few weeks of January! I'm thinking tea sandwiches, macaroons, profiteroles and champagne cocktails served out in the garden.


Sending birthday love and wishes to...

April at The Happiness Habit (Jan. 5th)
Lisi at The Beauty File (Jan. 6th)
Meg at Henning Love (Jan. 10th)
Alexa at The Short and Sweet of It (Jan. 10th)
Kendralyn at Jersey Love and Laughter (Jan. 13th)
Rebecca at The Vintage Bicycle (Jan. 17th)          
Stephanie at Big Mario Life (Jan. 13th)
Kate Middleton at...um...the palace* (Jan. 9th)

I'm also sending birthday wishes outside of the Blogosphere to my dadoo (Jan. 13th), Uncle Mark (Jan. 5th) and M's adorable niece Braiden (Jan. 10th). 

Aaaaaand I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that tomorrow is also this little girl's birthday. It's my 30th, y'all. Thir-tee! (Stay tuned...I'm sure I'll be reflecting my arse off tomorrow.)

That's a lot of celebration in a matter of weeks, huh? I say we join together, bust up a pinata (which in my dreams is filled with makeup and puppies**) and send some happy vibes to this birthday bunch. Are y'all with me?! You bring the party hats!

Repondez, s'il vous plait,

*OK, so the Duchess isn't a blogger, but I heart her.
**No animals were harmed in the daydreaming of said pinata beating.


  1. Much love, Natty!!! I'll (of course) be back to wish you a proper "Happy 30th" tomorrow ;) xoxox... Bring it, 30!! Right?!?!

  2. Love ya girl! Happy early 30th...check your mailbox your gift should arrive tomorrow!!!

  3. Thank you so much darling! A happy one to you too! xoxoxo

  4. Love this!!!! So excited to be included in the party!! Happy early birthday! Also, Rachel from Black Eiffel is 1/5 (I think!) and Iva from Iva Messy is 1/7!!! So many these days!!

  5. You're so freaking cute! Thank you much and I am all about an imaginary meet up in a garden with said pinata!