On the Mend

I really don't like missing work. Even if I'm for realsies sick (which I was yesterday), I start feeling guilty the moment I've made the call (or sent the email) and start thinking about other employees who have pushed through and worked while ill. I start feeling like a big baby and convince myself that many important decisions will be made in my absence, my team will be overrun with decisions and tasks, and I will have contributed nothing and therefore be deemed unnecessary on all accounts (except that I occasionally bring cookies and say somewhat funny and smart mouthed things in meetings).

Nevertheless, I spent many hours in bed yesterday, curled up in my new silk Vietnamese PJs from M, trying not to check my Blackberry every hour. It was kind of wonderful and, wow, what a difference a proper day of rest makes when you feel like garbage. M came over after a bit and made me noodle soup (Ramen sans meatness) and organic tea, as well as rented "Midnight in Paris" for us to watch after dinner.

Y'all, can I just tell you how amazing it was to be taken care of? I usually dismiss offers of help when I don't feel well, usually because I know I look like something lurking at the bottom of a Texas lake and probably smell equally was awesome, but I so enjoyed having someone not only be there, but armed with every possible, thoughtful get-well accoutrement.

The TLC made a world of difference. Now, here I am, back at the daily grind and feeling only a slight tickle in my throat. And because I couldn't muster up the strength to wash this mane, my hair looks a little something like this...


...minus the sexiness. And, you know, brunette.

Sending Echinacea wishes and honey-lemon dreams,


  1. I'm fighting a cold now, too, and feeling pretty crappy. Today is the first day that I've been able to actually relax so I'm hoping I'll be over it tomorrow.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better!

  2. Sorry you're sick, but it is so wonderful to be taken care of when you're used to taking care of yourself. Thankful that M will do that.

  3. Natalie, I was just about to say that is sexy hair until you mentioned the minus part! HAHAHAHA Ohhhh, I hate being sick and understand how you feel. You don't sound like you abuse your sick time, so don't feel bad. They much rather you stay home then spread it to others. HAHAHA Glad you're feeling better. Continue getting rest and doing what you're doing so you don't have a relapse. Gosh, i sound like a mother. hahaha Let me stop! hahaha


  4. Oh no. I hope you're feeling better today, too! Rest usually does a body good.

  5. Me too, Don Don. :) He's a good egg.

  6. LOL! You're so funny, Kim. Yeah, I am not a fan of coming to work sick because it never fails that someone else gets it and I feel horrible. It's hard enough to stay well in an office!

  7. I hope you feel better soon, Natalie. There's nothing like being pampered when you're sick :)